Serious Injury Sidelines Anarbor

Anarbor has bad news for their fans on Thursday; Greg Garrity was seriously injured causing the band to pull out of the Beyond the Blue tour in Japan. Slade gave fans this update:

I regret to inform you that we will not be playing the Beyond the Blue tour this year. We are very sorry about this incident. Thursday morning Greg was injured very badly, it would be best for us to fly home for him to get the medical & family support that he needs. We have done everything in our power to proceed with the tour, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

If you are attending the shows, kick rock music is giving away free pens in Osaka and Nagoya in our regard and has made a special Anarbor stickers for the fans going to the last three shows in Tokyo. Once again we are very sorry and we will be back very soon. For updates on how Greg is doing you can visit our website www.Anarbor.net and this Tumblr. Kick Rock Music has promised to bring us back to Japan as soon as possible. - They have a photo here, plus a place to send Greg your best wishes

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