Whitesnake Outselling Britney Spears

On Friday we will publish Morley Seaver's exclusive interview with Whitesnake's David Coverdale, but we thought we would give you a little taste with this excerpt where we learn that the band's new album is proving more popular than Britney Spears.

antiMusic: The new album is just absolutely smoking, David and I would have to put it up there as your most complete record, on par with the '87 record, if not more so.

David: You know it's interesting, Morley. I don't do the comparisons. I'll leave that up to you guys. But I get people who are weeping when they discuss the title track or "Fare Thee Well". The songs are seemingly connecting as deeply as '87 did, in that consciousness. On the business side, I just got the information that in Europe, we've got 37 per cent more pre-orders than Britney Spears' last record so there's hope for civilization yet. But I don't know why... it's capturing some mystical ingredients. I know with Doug Aldrich and I, the Whitesnake muse was upon us and I'm thrilled with what we've achieved and what the musicians have brought to the songs. That was no question. But something else is definitely buzzing around here. And I'm open to receiving because it's just overwhelmingly positive.

We'll have more from this interview this week and you can read the full thing on Friday!

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