Def Leppard Would Like To Work With Mutt Lange Again

Rockpages.gr recently caught up with Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott to discuss the group's very first live album Mirrorball.

During the chat they touched on subject of working with Mutt Lange again. Lange produced some of the band's most successful albums, including 'High 'N' Dry," "Pyromania," and "Hysteria."

When asked if Def Leppard would work with work with Lange again, Elliott responded, "I have no idea. Mutt is working on different types of music these days. He didn't do rock music for the longest time. He's recently done Maroon 5 and Nickelback. Before that, it was Shania Twain, Billy Ocean. He lives a lot of the time in New Zealand …we never say 'no.' We would like to work again with Mutt; it's just a case of right timing." Check out the full interview here

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