Singled Out: Lyal Strickland's You'll See

Today acclaimed folk star Lyal Strickland tells us about the song "You'll See" which comes from his recently released new album "Balanced on Barbed Wire". Here is the story:

'You'll See' came as a response to jokes and doubts. My buddies have joked about me being afraid of commitment for years - I have trouble choosing from an expansive fast food menu. However, they seem to think that's indicative of my love life as well. I've always taken things a little too personally, but I'm usually able to bottle it up until I can get to a guitar. At the time I wrote 'You'll See' I was in a long term relationship and I think everyone was wondering if it would transition into marriage or not. As things go, it didn't, but the song is my way of saying that when things are right, I won't hesitate.

It's also one of my songs that directly mentions what I do with myself when I'm not strumming for strangers; raising grass fed organic beef on my Great Grandfather's farm. Cattle seems to be a bit of a clumsy metaphor for a love song, but I've always seen parallels. For 'You'll See' I couldn't get the thought out of my head of a cow's life on the range versus the farm. Sure the range is a great wide expanse with endless opportunities, but there's got to be something comforting about always knowing where the good creek is and never worrying about not having a safe, grassy field to bed down in. There's a good possibility I just read too much into it, but regardless, it birthed a song.

The unknown tidbit about this song is that it inspired the album title. On the way home from the studio one day, I was playing the day's mix for my mother. When it was over she was saying how much she liked the line "...just like a bluebird on barbed wire", only she bungled it and said "Balanced On Barbed Wire". It was a perfect representation of where I am in my life, and where many of my friends and neighbors are as well. Walking a tight rope that twists and turns and makes you jump every so often just to avoid being nicked.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and watch him perform it here and learn more about the album right here!

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