Singled Out: Lost and Profound's Goodbye Mine

Today Terry Tompkins from Lost and Profound tells us about the title track of their brand new album "Goodbye Mine," which was just released last month. Here is the story:

Goodbye Mine was the last song I wrote for the new album. I had been listening to a lot of early 70's Beatles influenced bands like Badfinger, ELO, Emit Rhodes and The Raspberries and just started something on the piano that reminded me of those bands.

The chords and the melody came together really quickly. I wanted to write about a relationship that had been magnificent but had ended with one person on the move and the other more of an observer. And neither side had any regrets.

I had spent some time in the South just before I began writing the song, primarily in Savannah and Nashville, and the imagery of the American Civil War and the American South crept into the lyrics, particularly Sherman's March through Georgia to the sea.

I've always loved the history and feel of being in the South and wanted a touch of that to come through. I also wanted the farewell in the song to be a fond one, where the couples shared experience was celebrated with no cloud of jealousy or regret!

It took about half an hour to write the song. Lisa arrived home shortly afterwards, I played it for her and she fell in love with itů.sold!! I think Lisa really identified with the story and the characters and she sings it beautifully!!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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