Singled Out: Filligar's Truth & Anger

Today Filligar's Johnny Mathias (guitars, lead vocals) tells us about the song "Truth & Anger," from their brand new EP, "Keepsakes of the Interior ," which was released this week. Here is the story:

"A large part of the song was written while I was walking down the street one day in California. I started thinking of how the truth and the feeling of anger sometimes has a peculiar relationship. I had this image of the two like they were some bizarre but happy married couple. They seemed very Alice in Wonderland. As I was going down the sidewalk, different aspects from a day in the life inside these characters' world were set off in a sort of motion-capture. I realize now that, to an outsider, seeing a person mumbling "truth and anger" at a bus stop is probably a terrifying experience.

I took the skeletal idea to the rest of the guys. Casey [Gibson] started on this percussive piano part. Pete [Mathias] locked into the drumming that ended up on the recording fairly quickly. Teddy [Mathias] and I came in with our own takes. I remember having to stop now and then to wait for passing trucks to go by because their sounds were being picked up by the microphones in the room. Sometimes songs have an initial burst of creative energy and then lose momentum, but all in all, this one came together fairly quickly."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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