Soilwork Reveal New Album Details, Release Live Video

Soilwork have revealed details about their forthcoming studio album. Entitled "Ride The Majestic," the album is set to be released on August 28th by Nuclear Blast.

The band will be offering the new album, their 10th studio effort, in various formats including CD, Vinyl and TS/CD Bundle. The album was produced and mixed by Jens Bogren and was recorded by David Castillo at Studio Gröndal.

Frontman Björn Speed Strid had this to say, "We just put the final touches on our new album, The Ride Majestic, and all we can say is that it's going to be massive. It definitely picks up where we left off with The Living Infinite, but slightly darker, atmospheric and almost anthemic, with some really interesting twists and turns. Can't wait to play this epic beast live! Await the ride majestic ladies n' gents!"

The band has also released a new live video from their DVD/Blu Ray release, "Live In The Heart Of Helsinki". The clip is their performance of the track "Let This River Flow" which features a guest appearance from Floor Jansen.

Strid had this to say about the clip, "I was really excited to work with Floor Jansen, especially since we haven't had any female guest artists featured on anything SOILWORK-related before. I first got to know Floor via email some years ago, when she asked me to do some guest vocals for her other amazing band Revamp.

"I was absolutely thrilled, since I really respect her as a singer - she can do it all: amazing clean vocals, powerful high and low screams and can shape her voice into just about anything. I thought I'd "return the favor" and ask her to do 'Let This River Flow' with me for our live DVD in Helsinki and boy did it turn out amazing!

"It was really cool to meet her in person as well, her presence is majestic and she has a great sense of humor. I think our voices match perfectly in this almost anthemic song, which showcases a lot of different types of vocals."

As we previously reported earlier this week, the band will also be on the road until December. See the report with the tour dates here.