Singled Out: Every Hour Kills' Almost Human

Sacha Laskow of modern melodic metal band Every Hour Kills tells us about the song "Almost Human" from their brand new self-titled EP , which was released today (Sept. 18). Here is the story:

This song was the last one written for the EP and probably ended up my favorite. It all started with the main intro riff which was meant to mimic a bouncy synth in an EDM groove. Then when you put it next to a thrash beat obviously it gives a different vibe entirely. The other riffs then stemmed out from there, my favorite part is probably the drop on the middle right before the #Djentstep breakdown; it's fun to play and I just dig the groove and chaos. Vocally we collab'd with some producer friends in New Jersey - Danny and Santino at FireRaven productions to really polish up the hooks and the flow.

Jerrod came up with the bulk of the lyrics and the song is basically about addictions, vices and demons. How when you struggle against those foes you can feel totally alone at times and thus 'Almost Human'. A bit depressing perhaps but there's an uplifting side as well, 'The stars will align to show us a better way'; that once we flip that switch in our minds we can eventually 'let go' and release the things that drag us down.

Lastly we got to make a video with director Doug Cook to really showcase the song. In his mad scientist mind he created a very visual representation of the loneliness, in this case pushing it through the lens of technology as well. The robotic cameras being the only presence besides the band and filming us going crazy with energy trying to escape this small mechanical box of a room. Meanwhile the director sits outside and moves the cameras, watching, maybe even fapping (right Doug?).

PS here's a little extra tidbit for the music nerds, the vocal stem only from the track so you can hear some of the layers and other sh*t going on in the vocals (check it out here)

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the EP right here!

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