Guns N' Roses Taught Metallica Negative Lessons

Jason Newsted

Jason Newsted looked back at his former band Metallica's epic tour with Guns N' Roses 25 years ago in a new interview and says that GNR inspired him in what he would never "want to become".

The 1992 stadium trek was riddled with problems from Guns N' Roses taking the stage late to a riot that took place in August of that year at the show in Montreal.

Metallica were first forced to cut their performance short at the ill-fated show after frontman James Hetfield was badly burned by stage pyrotechnics. Instead of rushing out to continue the show, Guns N' Roses didn't take the stage for over two hours, according to reports of the incident. But GNR then cut their set short with Axl Rose telling the audience, "this will be our last show for a long time" before walking off the stage less than an hour into their set.

Newsted reflected on the tour during an interview with Loudwire to promote his new 'RAWK' art exhibition. He said, "We chose to play first, of course, because we wanted to play on time. If we're going on at 8:01, we're on at 8:01. That's the way it's always been. That's why Metallica's still touring now and crushing everybody and selling more records."

He then added that Guns N' Roses "showed me what I don't ever want to become. Antics, pissing away of money, disrespecting people that work for you… Looking down on people who look up to you - worst thing you can do, especially in this business. I saw them do that a lot and I didn't like it."

Newsted then said of GNR, "As a band, they were powerful for about three and a half years and really had their sharp teeth and after that everything fell apart."

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