Guns N' Roses and Black Sabbath Supergroup Release Debut Song

Deadland Ritual

After dropping teases last week the new Guns N' Roses, Black Sabbath and Billy Idol band supergroup Deadland Ritual have revealed their debut single "Down In Flames."

The new group features Sabbath legend Geezer Butler, former GNR drummer Matt Sorum, Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens and Apocalyptica singer Franky Perez. Check out the song here

Geezer had this to say, "I had to get used to the idea of starting from scratch again, which is good. It's a challenge for me. But I really liked the music that I was hearing. It's not your typical metal stuff or hard rock stuff or whatever."

Sorum said, "I remember the first time that I started tracking against his bass, and I went, 'Oh my God,'. There's a lot of times in the studio as a guitar player, you get a guitar sound and you're trying to make it work, you're tweaking it. There was none of that bullsh*t. It just fit against his bass sound and it was really exciting for me. It was like, 'Wow, I get to hear my guitar against a bass guitarist that I've loved since I was 15 years old.'"

Butler added, "It's great because Matt really knows what he wants it to sound like and he just keeps going and going and going until he's got it right, until he's satisfied with his drumming. It's really good to play with somebody who's that professional. He's so knowledgeable about different drum styles and he's also a fan of Bill Ward, Sabbath's original drummer so he likes that kind of swing part of it as well."

Stevens also said, "I wanted what I brought to this band to be unique and exclusive to this project and that took a little bit of soul searching and brain power. I wanted my guitar to really compliment the other members and their individual styles. I truly feel that in this band that the sum is greater than the parts."

Singer Perez concluded, "I'm just really excited for people to see this band live. One of the things that I want to really emphasise is that this is an honest to God, down and dirty rock'n'roll band. We're energised, and we want to put on an incredible show."

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