Fans Helping Bernie Torme And Ian Gillan Reacts To Health Crisis

Bernie Torme

Fans of former Ozzy Osbourne and Gillan guitarist Bernie Torme have stepped up to help him raise money as he remains in intensive care for virulent double pneumonia.

Torme, best known for his brief stint with Ozzy Osbourne and as the guitarist in Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan's solo band, was hospitalized recently and also revealed that on top of his health issues, he is having trouble collecting money that he says that he is owed from Pledgemusic.

Gillan reacted to the hospitalization news with the following on social media this past weekend, "I just heard about Bernie Torme's struggle with pneumonia, and now it's hard to concentrate on anything else. So I, like many, will focus all my thoughts and love on channeling positive energy in his direction. I have a lot of affection for Bernie as a man, and great respect for his music, so let's all give him a hug when he really needs it."

Torme's Facebook page offered this update, which included the trouble with Pledgemusic, "This has been a very stressful situation for Bernie, exacerbated by the lack of communication coming from Pledge and, despite their promises, no sign of coming through with any solution to clear up the mess they have created. Bernie remains in intensive care for virulent double pneumonia."

After learning about Bernie's trouble with the crowd funding site, Andy Worthington organized a Just Giving page to help raise money to Torme. Andy had this to say on the page, "Bernie Torme has spent years making his fans happy touring the U.K. and globally. Bernie has recently been admitted to intensive care with major health issues, this has possibly been contributed to by the battles he has had trying to recover funds from pledge music. Here's hoping us loyal fans can help Bernie and his family with short term bills etc. Until we can hopefully see him onto the long road to recovery. You know Bernie; he would never ask... but perhaps this time we owe it to Bernie and his family."

Worthington added this message on Sunday, "Guys, you are amazing I've moved the goal up a bit as you demolished the one first set, I'm sure if Bernie was well enough the would be thankful but hopefully I'll do until he is. I'm hoping our prayers and well wishes are making a difference to Bernie's recovery and that the money helps reduce other pressures for Bernie and his family."

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