Singled Out: Indestructible Noise Command's Fist Go Rek

Indestructible Noise Command

Indestructible Noise Command are releasing their new album "Terrible Things" this week and to celebrate we asked Erik Barath to tell us about the song "Fist Go Rek". Here is the story:

So our first single off the new record, Terrible Things is Fist Go Rek. Most songs I wrote I do with my guitar in my lap and randomly come upon while jamming in my practice room. But some songs I actually write in my head, usually when I am bored and Fist Go Rek is one of those songs. I was on layover in Dubai and the opening riff came to me. Then a similar version of the chorus came to me and I just blurted out the words 'FIST GO REK, FIST GO REK'. Was just a random set of words, I must have been listening to Earth Wind and Fire that weekend and thought of Discotheque, Discotheque and played on the words, who knows. My worry was I would forget the song by the time I got to my studio a few days later and my fears came true. I did. But luckily, a few weeks later it came back to me while at the gym. I ran home, kicked on my programs and recorded the riffs. Took about 5 minutes to put it all together and the rest is history. Nothing better than a song that writes itself, like an epiphany!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Indestructible Noise Command's Fist Go Rek

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