Singled Out: Jimmy Carpenter's Love It So Much

William Lee | 09-21-2019

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Jimmy Carpenter

Jimmy Carpenter just released his brand new album "Soul Doctor" and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the song "Love it So Much". Here is the story:

Soul Doctor contains 7 original songs, 2 of which were co-written with Guy Hale. The title track is a great song, but since I didn't write the lyrics, I decided to talk about "Love It So Much." It's a New Orleans groove, (no coincidence there), complete with the Bender Brass horn section (myself, Mark Earley on bari sax and Doug Woolverton on trumpet) and a brass band arrangement.

As a lifelong touring musician, I have always found it difficult to maintain a semi-normal life and tour simultaneously. I have lots of friends that manage to do it, but it has somehow eluded me. This sets up a little conflict inside me, because I've always wanted both. Love it So Much is my somewhat humorous but honest expression of that internal battle..

The chorus::

I'd turn and walk away
Go home and home I'd stay
Wake up in my own bed every day
If I just didn't love it so much

And that says it all. As much as I love having a normal life, I truly do love touring, and I think most of us feel that way. It's not like a big negative thing at all, it's just trying to make 2 very different parts of life fit together.

Planes and trains and automobiles
Headlights cut through the night
I've seen the world through a bug-smeared windshield
I'm here to tell ya that's been alright

Traveling the world is one of the greatest things about this musician's life. The music has taken me to many places, although often just passing through. Everywhere is different, the food, the language, the booze...but what I've realized is that deep down, most people are about 95% the same. They want to work, raise their kids in a safe place, have a roof over their heads, food on the table...that's true of nearly everyone in the world. The differences are what makes it cool: what they eat, drink, listen to. I've always had a strong curiosity about those things and truly enjoy immersing myself in them. I like trying food that nobody else will (I always think, hey, they've been eating this for centuries, how bad can it be??), checking out the local bitter liqueur, grappa, beer, and so forth. Every culture has their own take on those, but they're remarkably similar to some degree. Again, those differences make it interesting. And all of it is tied together by making music for people. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to do that, and something for which I am deeply grateful.

Life in a suitcase somehow suits me
Never seen no reason to complain..
But I'm still thinking bout putting down roots
Standing here in baggage claim

And here's the other side. After years of living alone and being mostly on the road, I was in Las Vegas at the first Bender, playing with Walter Wolfman Washington. I had just sat in with Popa Chubby, and I went to the merch table with him. There was this beautiful girl with a big smile and a big, happy vibe around her. I was totally smitten, followed her around the rest of the weekend, and soon found myself visiting Vegas regularly. After a year or so, I sold everything in New Orleans and moved to Carrie Stowers' home, with her two wonderful kids and Millie the pitbull. These days I make school lunches, dinners, drive them around, and enjoy these wonderful people on a daily basis. I work for the Bender and have a great Las Vegas band. And I'm still touring, just not quite as much. Life is good, I'm doing all I can to keep it that way, and find a balance between the road and home. Not easy, but no doubt worth every effort.

Well I met this girl and she stole my heart
I really want to try to settle down
But there's a little voice inside my head
Says Jimmy get your ass outta town!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Jimmy Carpenter's Love It So Much

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