Iron Maiden Inspired Movie Coming 2020 In Review

Michael Angulia | 12-24-2020

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Iron Maiden Inspired Movie Coming 2020 In Review
Somewhere Back In Time Tour poster

Iron Maiden Inspired Movie Coming was a top 20 story of June 2020: A new film that follows two Columbian metal fans quest to see Iron Maiden perform in their country for the first time has been picked up by M-Appeal, according to Variety.

The film will reportedly feature music from the metal legends and is set during their epic Somewhere Back In Time Tour that featured a classic set and setlist that was modeled after their legendary World Slavery Tour in the 1980s.

The movie, titled The Night Of The Beast, is being directed by Mauricio Leiva-Cock. The director, best known as the show runner for Netflix's "Green Frontier". told Variety, "It's not the Colombian film that is usually seen through festivals.

"It doesn't have the usual norms. It's not a film about poverty, violence or death, it's a film about two teenagers going to a metal concert. Sometimes people don't see these stories fitting into our narrative, when to me they are as much ours as anyone else's."

Variety reports that the film is currently in post=production and will also feature music from Columbian metal bands like Vein, Agony, Masacre, Darkness and La Pestilencia.

The Somewhere Back In Time Tour was the focus of the Banger Films documentary "Flight 666". Read more about the film here.

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