There Will Be Another Eddie Van Halen Believes Metal Legend

Keavin Wiggins | 10-17-2020

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There Will Be Another Eddie Van Halen Believes Metal Legend

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford is optimistic about the future of rock and metal and in fact he believes that there might be another Eddie Van Halen.

The metal legend sat down with Metal Injection to discuss his new autobiography "Confess" and after discussing the passing of Eddie Van Halen, Halford was asked about the future of metal.

Rob said, "I'd like to think there will be another Eddie Van Halen, because that's what this giant leaves. It's like with Priest, I get these young Metalheads popping up on my Instagram saying 'oh my god, I just discovered your band and it's the greatest thing I've heard in metal.' And I think that happens to many other bands from what's left of this generation of metal, as well as some of the newer experiences that are out there.

"It's been very interesting to watch it grow because I was there from the start. Priest and Sabbath were there from the beginning, so we've gone through fifty-odd years to see how metal has become a global experience now, and there are many many different types of genres of metal in every part of the planet.

So the life of metal is still strong and powerful, but the way that we enjoy it and see it in shows, and the way it's out there today, is to a certain extent is a lot different than how it was in, perhaps, the biggest decade for metal, the 80s. But if you look at the early 90s, some of the greatest heavy metal albums ever made were in the early 90s.

"Ever the eternal optimist, I sometimes wonder what will the next big gigantic metal band be. Will there be another Priest, another Sabbath, another Maiden, another Slipknot experience.

"You never know. It's better not to think that through too much because with this, what we're using right now, the internet, for example, shook everything up.

"People experience music in a different way now, in every way. As long as metal survives, and it will, that's all that matters." Watch the interview below:

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