Life after Zack for RATM

12-28-00 antiGUY
While Zack de la Rocha works hard on his debut solo effort the remaining members of Rage Against the Machine carry on without their former frontman with plans for a new live CD and home video releases. 

First on the agenda for RATM is the release of a new home video/DVD titled “the Battle for Mexico City”.  Here is what Tom Morello had to say on the band’s official web site about the new project which is expected to be in stores next month:

"A DVD and VHS video entitled “The Battle of Mexico City” will also be released in January. This is the full-length concert and video journal of our trip to Mexico City which was clearly one of the musical and political highlights of our career. From the police riots outside the venue, to Zack’s brilliant vignettes highlighting important issues in Mexico (including the Zapatistas’ struggle for land and freedom, and students’ and workers’ battles for justice in the cities), this was an amazing time in our lives that we were fortunate to have documented. The live performance was one of the most inspired in our history, and the Mexico City crowd was as intense as any we’ve played for. Bits of this concert were previously shown on MTV around the release of “The Battle of Los Angeles,” but this is the full, uncensored, unedited, unapologetic version of the show and the events surrounding this crucial moment in the band’s history."

Who will takes Zach’s place?

There has already been speculation about who will replace Zach, however the Rage camp is keeping the world guessing at this stage. RATM’s Tom Morello has denied rumors that B-Real from Cypress Hill has been brought in take over the mic.

Before a new vocalist will appear fans will be treated to a new live album including Zach on vocals as a follow up to the recent release of “Renegades”, a compilation of cover tunes recorded with Zach before he left the band earlier this year. Zack’s solo album is expected to hit stores in the third or fourth quarter of 2001. 

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