Pearl Jam Bootlegs take Billboard by storm.

10-04-00 4:00 PM PST antiGUY
Pearl Jam has set two new records for the Billboard Top 200. On September 26th they released a staggering 25 double live CDs from their recent European tour.  Five of those CD's entered the Billboard Top 200 this week. This is the first time that more than two titles from one artist has debuted on the charts in the same week. That's not all, this is also the first time in history that any artist has had more than one live album on the charts simultaneously. 

What was the reasoning behind the release of these official bootlegs? The band wanted to give something back to their fans. Many Pearl Jam fans have been paying outrageous prices for live bootleg recordings. With this unprecedented release the band wanted fans to have the opportunity to own high quality recordings of the live Pearl Jam experience at a reasonable cost.  Some were skeptical that the idea of releasing so many CDs at one time would payoff. They took the gamble and won. "The sales on the Pearl Jam Bootlegs far exceeded our expectations. " Said LJ Hayden the National Marketing Manager for Virgin Entertainment Group, " Some thought we were taking a risk by bringing in all of the titles,  but the quality of these releases proved it was the right decision. " 

The 5 of the 25 double live CDs that debuted on Billboard were as follows: 
  Katowice, Poland (16) - entered the chart at # 103
Milan, Italy (20) - entered the chart at # 125
Verona, Italy (19) - entered the chart at # 134
London, England (5) - entered the chart at # 137
Hamburg, Germany (23) - entered the chart at # 175

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