David Bowie to release rare records.

8-12-01 antiGUY

US David Bowie fans are about to get two new CD�s to choose from.  Virgin Records plans to release �All Saints� and �Christiane F� on September 11th in North America.  �Christiane F� was released in Europe on August 6th. 

�Christiane F� was originally released as a soundtrack to the movie of the same name in 1982 and featured songs released by Bowie from 1976-1979.  The Uli Edel directed film was a dreary tale of a teenage girl�s downward spiral into drug addiction. Set in West Germany, the film included rare live concert footage from David Bowie.  This release marks the first time the soundtrack will be available on compact disc. 

The other CD, �All Saints� is a collection of instrumental songs by the eclectic rocker. The tracks were culled from the Bowie archive and features songs recorded from 1977 to 1999 as well as three new tracks.  This collection was originally given to Bowie�s friends for Christmas in 1993, (minus the three new tracks) according to Rolling Stone Online. 
  �Christiane F�  V-2 Schneider
TVC 15
Boys Keep Swinging
Sense of Doubt
Station to Station
Look Bank In Anger



�All Saints� A New Career In Town
V-2 Schneider 
Weeping Wall
All Saints
Art Decade
Crystal Japan
Brilliant Adventure
Sense of Doubt
Moss Garden
The Mysteries
Ian Fish UK Heir
Some Are

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