Axl Rose Storms Off Stage During Pre-New Year’s Concert

12-31-01 antiGUY

Some things never change. While Guns ‘N’ Roses has undergone vast roster changes over the year the group’s frontman and only remaining founding member Axl Rose still seems prone to temper tantrums during concert performances. 

According to a live review of Guns ‘N’ Roses December 29th concert at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Posted at MyGNR.com the temperamental singer stormed from stage twice during the concert after his microphone cut out. 

The microphone reportedly cutout on Axl while the band was performing “Oh My God” and an irritated Axl Rose left the stage. Guitarist Robin Finck reportedly threw his guitar and Axl's mic stand after becoming frustrated with the sound problems. According to the show reports once Rose returned to the stage the only time he addressed the audience directly was during a lengthy intro to “November Rain” where he told concert goers that the current concerts were the first shows that he had wanted to perform in 10 years, quickly dismissing the 2000 New Year’s Eve Shows in Vegas as well as the group’s appearance at the Rock In Rio festival as shows he was “asked to do”.  Rose also addressed the eventual release of the long delayed “Chinese Democracy” album, he told those in attendance, "we're in the studio doing this album and I can promise you that we're gonna deliver, and it's gonna be out of the ballpark… We've been working on this album and I can tell you we're doing our best and that's all I can promise."

Guns N Roses is scheduled to play an additional New Year’s Eve show at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. According to MyGNR.com both shows failed to sell out the venue. 

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