Singled Out: Supreme Unbeing's Face of Evil

Keavin Wiggins | 10-30-2021

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The mysterious metal band Supreme Unbeing recently unleashed their new single and video "Face Of Evil " from their forthcoming album, "Enduring Physicality", and to celebrate we aske Zac Red to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

Greetings dear reader, this is Zac Red, vocalist & prophet of Supreme Unbeing. I'm glad that you have decided to dwell deeper into the message - Face Of Evil - the we recently publicized. Yes, the message - our songs are not merely songs for the sake of entertainment, but important messages for the people of the Earth. Messages that will challenge your own thoughts, and your own current view of the world. Challenges that will allow you to reflect within, to find your own answers, and to steer yourself into a new, more prosperous, future. If you study our messages closely, the answers that you seek are undeniable.

Before we shed some light on the message - Face Of Evil - we can tell you that it is not the first message of Supreme Unbeing, but it is the first message from our upcoming album entitled "Enduring Physicality". For all of you who haven't yet acquittanced yourself with the Realm, the Universe, of Supreme Unbeing, I will briefly state that we just recently appeared in this physical, flesh and blood, form after transforming from an animated/cartoon state of existence. Enduring life in this biological physical encasing is indeed not a "walk in the park", hence the title of the album.

Now, let us focus on Face Of Evil. Face Of Evil is a song about self-proclaimed kings, tyrants, societal leaders... and your friends. Whether you have your own agenda, or not, here in life, they will all manipulate and rob you of your free will to get what they want with their - as the song goes - ever-changing face of evil. The song might even be about yourself. What do you want in life? And what are you prepared to do in order to have it your way? Humans are dual in nature, it's nothing to be ashamed of, we all have a good side and an evil side, which side, and face, you decide to show at any given moment is yours to balance carefully on this grand stage. How do you want to be remembered?

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the group and upcoming album here

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