How Accident Became Highlight Of Iron Maiden Show

Singer found humor in almost being blown up

Keavin Wiggins | December 27, 2022

Iron Maiden Tour poster
Tour poster

Iron Maiden have released a second video where frontman Bruce Dickinson takes fans behind the scenes of their recently completed Legacy Of The Beast Tour, and shared how an accident became part of the show.

Bruce reveals in the clip that his animated running around stage dodging pyro explosions during the performance of "Run To The Hills", culmination with blowing up the entire stage, began after the crew member accidently set off an explosion near where he was standing.

Dickinson explains, "Early on in one of the shows, Keith let off a pyro as I was standing over the top of it, and it made me jump, 'Whoa!,' like that. It gave me a fright. I asked him afterwards, Keith .... and he was like, 'Oh I'm so sorry,' and I was like, 'Oh no, was it funny?'"

He continued, "'I said, 'No seriously, was it funny? Come on, own up.' He was like, 'Yeah, it looked funny.' I'm like, 'Right! Good! So let's have a series of them like Wile E. Coyote blowing me up around the stage and then we'll have a big Wile E. Coyote TNT plunger blow up the stage at the end. So that's how it started."

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