Singled Out: HU$H's Overstay

Keavin Wiggins | Published 01-26-2023

Singled Out: HU&H's Overstay Single art

Genre-bender HU$H just released a brand new single and video called "Overstay," and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

I started writing "Overstay" while I was living in Kansas City. My dad had just passed away from what looked like Covid although the first recorded case didn't surface for another week or two after that. I rented this house with this big creepy kind of haunted looking tree in the backyard and lots of space between the other houses, sound treated a spare room so I could setup my studio and work on tunes without getting the cops called or getting robbed. This was right as the pandemic hit in late 2019 to early 2020, so things were getting tense and I was isolating and just watching the news for updates and working on music as 2020 creeped in.

Things started to get tense and people were losing their jobs without any stimulus yet, and I was in a rough neighborhood so I was a bit worried. Sure enough, about 3 weeks into the lockdown I heard gunshots a few houses down. Turned out all the lights, stayed low and got away from the windows. A couple minutes later the streets filled with ambulances and cops. I decided after a few more weeks of envisioning a post-apocalyptic Raytown that I should move out to my hometown in Iowa while things with the pandemic took their course.

I was dating someone during that time but we went our separate ways, I think it's just hard to be with someone when you're going through all that. I ended up drowning in emotion and isolation for months after all that. As this was all happening my shoulder impingements and bursitis were creeping in and I couldn't lift my arms above my chest. This sounds like a f***ing horror story, dang. Well, yea... it was a f***in nightmare. All of it. It was all bad. I would just drive around on country roads smoking blunts of sh*t weed I got for free and listening to music trying to get anxiety to pass. One day I was driving around listening to the verse and beat for "Overstay" (that I wrote in Raytown), and just started screaming this chorus on it "I just woke up in a nightmare, turn on all the lights where'd everything go". It made me feel so much that I went straight back to the studio and just started recording these screams and writing the rest of the lyrics, it made me feel so much better and really helped me move to the next phase of all that grief I was experiencing. That's really when I started focusing more on the punk and metal inspired songs, the music just made me feel better with everything I was going through. I needed it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about HU$H here

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Singled Out: HU&H's Overstay

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