Singled Out: MISSIO's Heart Made Of Dynamite

Keavin Wiggins | 11-17-2023


Texas duo MISSIO just released their new single "Heart Made Of Dynamite" and to celebrate we asked Matthew Brue to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

It seems like each year our writing process slightly changes according to where we're at mentally and even sometimes physically, (i.e.) being on tours in different parts of the world. For this fifth album we felt like there was a feeling that we wanted to convey that happened live with our drummer, Jaydon Bean based out of L.A. He's an incredibly talented songwriter and even better drummer and we all wanted the songs to feel like they had a similar rawness and power like you hear at a live MISSIO show. I asked him if he could send me some different drum takes of various tempos, feelings, vibes, etc & there was one that really stuck out to me.

This particular drum take was really fast & chaotic, reminiscent of something you would hear Darren King from MuteMath play, mixed with almost a 90's feeling breakbeat Prodigy song? I ended up cutting it up and placing different parts of it to make somewhat of a cohesive track and instantly was inspired with melodies. Finding melodies quickly can always be hit or miss so when they started to flow, I kind of knew I was onto something. I would work my way into finding something musically palatable & then sent to David to really help hone in on the arrangement & production side, morphing into a really fresh and inspiring song.

We would later take these beginning elements of the song with us to Mexico City, MX in the spring of 2023 at a studio called Panoram & would finish the lyrics & miscellaneous synths, hooks, etc. It was when David & I were able to finish the lyrics that the song came together for me personally. The song feels super modern and fresh, but lyrically turned into something rather emotional with lyrics like "All of the time, I always try to fake my feelings, I always find a way to be too nice. Keep burying them feelings deep in the back." That is no easy lyric to sing when it stands true to how we have engaged with the world most of our lives.

Overall, we love the creative nature of what we get to be a part of in this band - there are no rules and no boxes we exist in and frankly, we get to do whatever the hell we want to. We are living our dream & I think that shows in the nature of some of these songs especially 'Heart Made of Dynamite.'

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the group here

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