The Suicide Disease Share 'Descent'


The Suicide Disease Share 'Descent'

(Big Picture Media) New York grunge rock band The Suicide Disease have released their latest single, "Descent" via Zodhiac Records. Following their previous single, "Constellations," a love letter to loved ones lost, the new track provides a similar sense of comfort that the group is known to provide their listeners.

Knowing first hand the affects of their namesake, the chronic pain disorder disease Trigeminal Neuralgia, The Suicide Disease make melodic metal music that offers solace to people dealing with loss. "Descent" is a motivational track that emphasizes the importance of remaining hopeful in the face of hardships.

The powerful energy of the song and its heartfelt lyrics continue to be a source of optimism for those enduring their own personal struggles. Their gritty instrumentals and evocative melodies showcasing their signature sound make The Suicide Disease the go-to group to turn to in times of adversity.

"Descent is the dark path we take when we are constantly thinking about the macabre. Wanting someone back from the dead and not moving forward with your life because of it. It's as bad as trying to dig up a body, you're just digging up the past. And the message here is that death is final - so loved ones would tell you to live on." - Jay Francis, lead vocals

Existing in their own genre with nodes of New Order and The Cure, The Suicide Disease recorded their first demo on a cassette tape in 2021 and drove around with a boombox in hopes that they could share it with the right people. The four piece was discovered at a show by Steve Feinberg, who took on managing the band and shared with Ricky Armellino to produce.

"I heard the band's demo and absolutely fell in love so we all decided to make a batch of songs together at my studio in Lancaster." - Ricky Armellino of Ice Nine Kills

The Suicide Disease wear their heart on their sleeve, and masks on their face to reflect the irony of society constantly masking their pain. The Suicide Disease is able embrace loss and speak to the emotions of pain and recovery with the hopes of helping people to cope with mental health struggles.

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