Southtowne Lanes Stream New Album 'Take Care'


Southtowne Lanes Stream New Album 'Take Care'

(Big Picture Media) Southtowne Lanes has released their highly anticipated new album Take Care, out now via Dog Knights Productions. The record - a deeply personal account of loss and grief - features recent singles "Find Your God", "Witness", and "Go Cold", and marks the band's first full-length since 2016.

"On the surface, this record was written largely in dedication to my father, whom passed away in a brutal and sudden manner in September of 2021," shares lead singer/guitarist Matt Kupka. "The album, song by song, dissects the stages of grief: how they relate, how they changed me, how I dealt with them, and how they led me down to the depths of my own mortality, where it seemed there could be no light."

He continues: "In the end, Take Care is about the shreds of hope that are found buried in the wreckage of loss and grief. It's about peeling back the layers of hurt, and finding resilience in the human condition." Stream it here.

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