The Story So Far Release New Album 'I Want To Disappear'


The Story So Far Release New Album 'I Want To Disappear'

(PNE) The Story So Far have returned with their new album I Want To Disappear. Comprised of ten songs, it contains everything that's brought them international acclaim and success since their inception.  The current lineup features Parker Cannon (vocals), Kevin Geyer (lead guitar, keys), Ryan Torf (drums, rhythm guitar, and keys) and Will Levy (guitars).

When speaking about the record, it's hard for the band to pinpoint what inspired them in writing its songs, but for the four of them, there was a lot going on both personally and professionally in their lives. "We kind of grew out of our 20s between this record and last" says Torf. "Like a lot of people, you go through so many different things in life and you're faced with new challenges.  As a band, when you go through hardships you realize that some things are more important than music.  These can and do take priority over playing, and that can feel divisive.  It's sometimes necessary though, to get to where you want to go."

"We were waiting for all the stars to align for our individual situations," adds Geyer, "so that this record could be the priority, and that we had the time and space to make it happen in the way that we wanted to. We went through a lot as people, and as a band, to discover what was working about it, and we leaned into that."

"If we were rushing it," says Levy, "or trying to fit in a particular mold, then it would sound as such. But we pushed ourselves. There's a bar that we have in our minds of what our band should sound like."

Recorded and mixed by Jon Markson at The Animal Farm studio in Flemington, NJ, I Want To Disappear  opens with the frenetic one-two punch of "All This Time" and "Watch You Go", while songs like "Jump The Gun", "Big Blind" and "Nothing To Say" contain the trademark urgency of classic The Story So Far songs.  The record closes with "White Shores" and "I Want To Disappear", displaying their growth both as a band and as people.

"We're always just trying to make something that we love and that feels like it's relevant to where we are in life," says Torf. "We've already done so much in the past, but we wanted this to feel like the present thing that we are. We tried to make something that we connected with, and that hopefully our fans will like as well.  But first and foremost, it's just something that we're proud of and feel good about."

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The Story So Far Release New Album 'I Want To Disappear'

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