Felicity Deliver 'Nights In Your Bed'

06-25-2024 12:27 PM EDT

Felicity Deliver 'Nights In Your Bed'

Felicity are streaming their brand new single "Nights In Your Bed", which is described as "what you would get if The Notebook, Twilight, Fall Out Boy, and Dave Grohl all collaborated to write a new song."

The band shared, "Nights In Your Bed" is about confronting the inevitable truth that some connections in life, whether it's a friendship or romance, are better left as memories. We wanted to address the turmoil of realization and bitter endings, the cyclical nature of heartbreak, and the transient nature of fleeting passions. No one ever wants to feel like their time is being wasted, and we believe this narrative captures the urgency of acknowledging these uncomfortable realities and the struggle to escape the inevitable.

"'Nights in Your Bed' is an extremely personal song for us and the writing process was a very therapeutic experience. Several of us suffered our own heartbreak this past year. As we crafted the song, we delved into the depths of our own tumultuous breakups, transforming pain into poetry and heartache into harmony. Although all good things must come to an end, we are so thankful to have this song forever." Stream it below:

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