Black Veil Brides and VV Share Cover of Sisters of Mercy's 'Temple of Love'


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Black Veil Brides and VV Share Cover of Sisters of Mercy's 'Temple of Love'

(Freeman) North American gothic metal fans were met with cause for elation last week, when genre-leading outfits Black Veil Brides & VV (Ville Valo) announced an epic co-headlining tour for autumn of this year. The announcement has proven to be an omen of what is still to come, as today, Black Veil Brides have released their cover of the Sisters of Mercy classic, "Temple of Love" featuring VV!

Leading with foreboding organs that quickly kick into a dark double time pace, the track tells tales of the perils of love in gothic storms, and bades the listener beware the wrought elegance it weaves. With an ominous tone, "Temple of Love" is the solemn backdrop to which these love metal paragons begin their union and sets the unholy couple off on their upcoming concert tour.

Committed to uncompromising expression, with a foundation in hard rock tradition and rule-breaking iconoclasm, BLACK VEIL BRIDES is a transcendent celebration of life-affirming power and anthemic catharsis. A gothic vision first summoned in a small town by an isolated kid fascinated with death, rock, theatricality, and monsters (both real and imagined), BLACK VEIL BRIDES is now a postmodern heavy metal institution with a
legion of like-minded fans and supporters worldwide.

"I first discovered Sisters of Mercy in my freshman year of high school, I had a poster of AFI from the 'Art of Drowning' era and Davey was wearing a SOM shirt and so as was often the case back then I went on the hunt to find the music that had inspired my favorite musicians. The very first song I heard by SOM was the '92 version of 'Temple of Love' and I became obsessed with their entire catalog. We've talked about doing a BVB version of this song for years and when given the opportunity to collaborate with fellow SOM fan and goth rock icon VV, it seems liked the perfect situation. We are thrilled with how it turned out and hope that anyone who's familiar with the track enjoys our spin on it and those who have never heard the original enjoy it and maybe this will lead them down the path to the greatness that is SOM like that poster of AFI did for me when I was a kid." - Andy Biersack

A darkly romantic icon himself, VV (Ville Valo), frontman for Love Metal pioneers HIM, casts a long and pervasive shadow that is still delightedly out of step with the status quo. VV's recently released debut solo album, 'Neon Noir' belongs to the same forlorn world of woe and whimsy once conceived and governed by Valo in HIM, but with the nuanced notes of a finely aged Cabernet.

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