Curved Air's Darryl Way Delivers Physical Version of 'The Rock Artist's Progress'


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Darryl Way News Album art August 02, 2023
Album art

() Legendary Curved Air violinist Darryl Way has launched a physical version of The Rock Artist's Progress album, which was only previously available via digital download.

The music for the album was inspired by the novel of the same name, written by music journalist Charles Shorwell, which charts the brief yet eventful music career of the band Magenta Aura (Daniel Luckham, Brian Ester, Martin Sudley, Steve Matlake). Magenta Aura were a little-known cult psychedelic rock band who came to prominence in 1968 as part of the underground counterculture "Summer of Love" London scene. Although they were alleged to have recorded a debut album it was never released and little or no trace of the band could ever be found. Shorwell's book tells the story of the band's success and then downfall at the hands of an unforgiving music business.

Violinist and composer Darryl Way was so inspired by the book, much of which resonated with his own experiences in music, that he decided to write and record the album which Magenta Aura should have made. Whilst the story which inspired the album began more than 50 years ago, Way's music has its feet firmly planted in the here and now and in-cludes a guest vocal from Steve Hogarth (Marillion).

Now, for the first time, the book and album are available to purchase together. The Rock Artist's Progress novel by Charles Shorwell can be purchased, along with the CD at Burning Shed here.

1. Life
2. Guiding Star
3. Chaconne
4. Back On The Road
5. Morpheus
6. Traveller
7. Time Machine
8. Here We Go
9. Chelsea Girl
10. Mods and Rockers

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Curved Air's Darryl Way Delivers Physical Version of 'The Rock Artist's Progress'

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