Feud Between Journey's Schon and Cain Enters New Round

Michael Angulia | December 23, 2022

Feud Between Journey's Schon and Cain Enters New Round
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The feud between Journey founder Neal Schon and longtime keyboardist Jonathan Cain continues with the guitarist filing a cease-and-desist order against his bandmate.

Schon took the new legal action after Cain performed the band's classic hit "Don't Stop Believin'" at a recent political event, demanding that the keyboardist refrain from using the group's music for politics.

Variety reports that the letter stated in part, "Although Mr. Cain is free to express his personal beliefs and associations, when he does that on behalf of Journey or for the band, such conduct is extremely deleterious to the Journey brand as it polarizes the band's fans and outreach. Journey is not, and should not be, political".

Cain responded with statement that says, "Neal Schon should look in the mirror when he accuses me of causing harm to the Journey brand. I have watched him damage our brand for years and am a victim of both his -and his wife's - bizarre behavior.

"Neal sued Live Nation twice, losing both times, and damaging our ability to ever work with them again; Neal outrageously tried to take away trademarks from Steve Perry; Neal and his wife continually insult the professionalism of numerous accountants, road managers, and management firms with endless legal threats and their bullying, toxic, and incoherent emails; Neal argues online with fans who don't see eye to eye with him; and Neal and his wife recklessly spend Journey's money until there is none left for operating costs. If anyone is destroying the Journey brand, it is Neal - and Neal alone."

This is the latest dispute between the Journey members that began in November when Schon filed a lawsuit against Cain over band finances and an American Express card that Cain reportedly opened, according to court papers cited by Page Six.

As we reported last month, Schon's attorneys filed the suit in Northern California and the filing, "Schon has tried to avoid legal action, repeatedly requesting that Cain grant him access to the AMEX account.

"For many months, Cain and his representatives have represented that Schon would be granted access. But every time Schon contacted AMEX, AMEX informed him that he was still not authorized to access AMEX account records."

Cain and Schon set up 50/50 ownership of a limited-liability company called Nomota in 1998 to handle the band's business, according to the report.

The suit alleges, "As a member and manager and founder and leader of Journey, Schon has the right to access and control Nomota's books and records. Schon must have unfettered access to Nomota's records so he can oversee and manage Nomota/Journey."

It also alleges, "Nomota's records also contain financial information necessary for Schon and his representatives to determine the proportion of Journey's profits that he's entitled to as the founder and president of Journey.

"Schon's right to Journey's profits is being controlled by Cain - Schon's bandmate, who Schon brought into the band in the 1980s - and despite all of his requests and efforts, Schon has been unable to get full access."

Schon's suit says of the American Express card, "Among other things, the American Express account of Nomota has been set up such that only Cain has control of the account and access to its records. On information and belief, millions in Journey funds have flowed through this AMEX account."

The papers also assert that "Cain is interfering with Journey, refusing to respond to booking opportunities, blocking payment to band members, crew and vendors, refusing to execute necessary operating documents, and in other ways as well. Cain has obstructed Schon from viewing expenses incurred by Cain and his touring party on band tours.

"Cain has further refused to deal with critical, time-sensitive touring contracts for Journey's 2023 tour and ensure payment for band members and crew, who Cain contends are 'non-essential,.' Schon believes those band and crew who are crucial to the band's success should be paid. Cain's conduct is inexplicable."

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