Godsmack's Sully Erna Talks Final Album, Rock Hall, Turning 55 and More

Keavin Wiggins | Published 02-24-2023

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Godsmack frontman Sully Erna recently sat down with Audacy Check In to discuss a variety of topics including their new album, "Lighting Up The Sky", the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame eligibility, his 55th birthday and February birthdays in New England growing up. The show sent over these excerpts:

On Lighting Up the Sky being the final Godsmack album [00:40]: "I think it's important for people to just kind of know when they've arrived, when they set goals for themselves. Some people just want the house with the white picket fence and a dog and a truck. And then they get that and they're like, 'Oh, it would be nice to have a car too. And then what if we had a bigger house.' It never stops. For us, it was like, 'Oh, we just want a record deal one day.' And then you get it and you go, 'But, it's gonna be really good when we sell out clubs everywhere.' And then you get it and you go, 'But wait until we get to theaters, we can use more production.' And then you get to theaters, and you're like, 'Tour buses and arenas.' At what point do you stop and just go - I have what I need in my life. I've been able to do this for a living and be able to provide for my family and the people I love the most. And when we reflected back on our career, and I say this zero ego, we've arrived.... I just think it's time now that we close that chapter in our lives, but let the people know that this isn't a break-up. This is just us opening a new chapter in our lives to create this greatest hits show and enjoy our sunset years without the pressure of always having to deliver another record for the label, and missing another year of our lives to write and record and mix and master now."

How it's going to be tough to perform "Truth" live [03:00]: "My band is even kind of prepping me for that one... I broke down at least three times trying to get through that song (when recording). It was raw. It was happening at that moment. And it was really hard to deliver a vocal performance without getting emotional... And not because it's bad anymore. We've gotten over this thing and we're friends and it's okay, you know I understand people make mistakes as did I along the way in my life. But, you know, it always hurts when something so beautiful has to end so gnarly. And when you sing the words, it reminds you of how hurt and broken you were and that creates emotion."

Being eligible for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [05:20]: "It would feel great, I know that, to know that you're acknowledged in the industry - I've always felt like we were kind of the band that flew under a lot of the radar because we were never a part of the MTV click or the things that were blowing up during the times when the band was first coming out with our first album. So we always considered ourselves like the little engine that could.... It's hard these days to be able to continue to sell records in this digital world that's been created. So, if we were acknowledged in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at some point... if that happened, amazing. We would be so grateful."

Check out the full interview below:

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