Megadeth, Slayer, Yes, Rainbow Icons Cover Pink Floyd Classic


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Rick Wakeman News Cover art June 13, 2023
Cover art

(Glass Onyon) Chris Poland (Megadeth) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer) team up with vocalist Graham Bonnet and prog giants Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) on a new recording of Pink Floyd's "San Tropez".

You'd be hard pressed to find a group that can unite musicians from across the whole range of genres and generations better than Pink Floyd. From metal heads to stoners to jazz fans and music nerds, all around the globe fans have found in Pink Floyd's catalog a rich and abounding treasure trove that continually unearths new pleasures.

Recently, rumors have been circulating about a new gathering of diversely talented artists who participated in an as yet unannounced project to revamp and reimagine Pink Floyd's hugely experimental sixth studio album, Meddle. Much like last year's enormously impressive Animals Reimagined and 2021's Still Wish You Were Here, Meddle Reimagined will bring together masterful musicians, prodigious vocalist and visionary artists to recreate every note from the original 1971 masterpiece.

As a preview of what's in store, a single of Meddle's folksy, breezy ode to a beach resort town in southern France, the great "San Tropez," is hitting digital stores today. The track builds from a dream team of Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and Blue Öyster Cult's Joe Bouchard on bass. Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet adds a notably darker edge to Roger Waters' wistful lyrics, with superb piano work from keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman and, of course, gorgeous slide guitar from Megadeth's Chris Poland.

Bonnet declares, "When first invited to participate on Pink Floyd's 'San Tropez,' I was flattered, yet a little nervous. I had sung on 'Dogs' [from Animals Reimagined] a year earlier and was initially concerned whether I could do justice to such an iconic song and thankfully, it turned out better than expected. 'San Tropez' would prove to be trickier for me but ultimately I was happy that I was able to honor yet another gem from the cherished and enigmatic Pink Floyd."

Poland adds,"To me the English are not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve. Especially Pink Floyd. Even though this song seems upbeat there is an underlying sadness. A longing if you will. Their use of major to minor chords during my solo spot really points to this. I love this band. I have always thought of Pink Floyd as the thinking man's Beatles."

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