The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmit Shares 'I Come Alive' Video

Keavin Wiggins | 05-08-2022

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Timothy B. Schmit Album cover art
Album cover art

The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmit shared a music video for his song "I Come Alive" to celebrate the release of his brand new solo album "Day By Day".

He had this to say about the song, "I was feeling really good about things in general when I started this song. I decided it wasn't necessary to try and go particularly deep, so I let it sort of roll out of me without too much second guessing. It's a simple love song intended to express my feelings right from the surface.

"I am a fan of reggae and its cousin, ska. This song is definitely driven by the opening guitar chords, which are played on the upbeats and remain throughout. The rest was a matter of keeping the instrumentation equally uncomplicated so as to have a lot of air."

The song's easygoing charm is reflected in the relaxed feel of the video, which focuses on the camaraderie between TIMOTHY, the musicians and backing singers. Filmed at a Los Angeles rehearsal studio, it begins with them arriving to the studio and then working out parts for the song before performing it.

Schmit said of the Ava Warbrick directed visual for the single that was filmed at a Los Angeles area rehearsal space, "Shooting the video was a blast.

"I was reunited with most of my touring band, including the three lady singers who play a large part in the choruses. We very much have a family vibe when we're together, and the song lent itself to having some fun. I think it translates on camera." Watch the video below:

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