There Is Not Going To Be A Van Halen Reunion Says Sammy Hagar

Michael Angulia | 07-13-2023

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Van Halen News Video still July 13, 2023
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Sammy Hagar says that "there's not going to be a Van Halen reunion", when he was asked about the idea of the surviving members of the band reuniting to play a tribute show in honor of late guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

Hagar made the comments during an appearance on the "That Rocks! YouTube series with Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson. Sammy says that he reached out to Alex Van Halen to no avail.

He said, "It's the same old story. It's the same old f***ing story. Alex won't respond to me. I reach out to him. I haven't done it in a long time now, because it's, like, 'Hey, you wanna talk to me? Call me.'

"But there's not going to be a Van Halen reunion. First of all, it's too late. I've already said it a million times - Wolfie is doing such a great job with what he's doing, and he would be the perfect guy [to play with us at a tribute concert], so that's out.

Dave and I are still alive, but there's no way he would cooperate with me, so if he goes out by himself, that's not a Van Halen reunion, that's half a Van Halen reunion. If I go out by myself without him, it's a half a Van Halen reunion.

"Only good news about that is that I could sing his songs just fine. But Mike and I are like [fingers crossed], and if Al wanted to come and play with us, I would love to play with Al.

"I said it recently, that I would love to play music with Al. I would like to write a song with Al. I would like to go in the studio and jam with Al. But the thought of a Van Halen reunion without Eddie, no, there's no such thing." Watch the full interview below:

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