Urge Overkill Share New Song 'Forgiven'

Keavin Wiggins | 01-10-2022

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Urge Overkill Oui album cover art
Oui album cover art

Urge Overkill have released a brand-new track called "Forgiven". It comes from the band first new album in over a decade, which will be entitled "Oui", and it set to hit stores on February 11th.

Eddie "King" Roeser had this to say about the new song, "Little Richard. The Killer (Jerry Lee). Gang of Four, Some Girls, Television. Unwittingly these were the sounds swimming through my brain the day I started working on Forgiven.

"I had one goal: to ONLY return with something that ROCKED. I had been messing around working on high volume riffs. 'You don't need lyrics, all kinds of songs just repeat one word for a while.....just go over there and kick some f***ing ass!'

"I had just re-screened The Night of The Hunter where Bob Mitchum has the haunting LOVE/HATE knuckle tats, and that image would be in my head to guide any spontaneous vocal ideas. I wasn't aware as to how just how much I'd been working different ways to play the riff that became 'Forgiven.'

"I had the drummer play faster and faster. The guitar takes - tossed off with complete abandon. I stuck every trick in the book into the way those guitars wandered off script only to veer back at the right second.

"I freeform sang most of the ideas you hear on the track. That vamp in the middle is a one-take wonder. Thus the backbone of one of my favorite UO tracks.

"You don't always realize at first when you have caught Rock Lightning in a Bottle. For the first time (in a long time) I felt.. forgiven." Stream the song below:

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