Video Premiere: The Claudettes' 'I'm Bad At This'

Keavin Wiggins | Published January 17, 2023

Video Premiere: The Claudettes' 'I'm Bad At This'
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We pleased to premiere The Claudettes' brand new music video for their song "I'm Bad At This", which follows the Chicago jazzy-punk-blues cabaret band's late 2022 album, "The Claudettes Go Out!". ,

Johnny Iguana (piano player and songwriter) had this to say about the inspiration for the track and video, "I had heard the word 'footsie' on NPR radio, and started thinking about awkward attempts at flirting.

"In fact, it was the show Marketplace and they were referring to the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index (FTSE, which they pronounce "footsie"), but that didn't interfere with my conceiving this song about trying to play footsie and trying to make smoldering eye contact and to 'give off a vibe,' but failing miserably.

"I found some fantastic silent-film footage of courting and flirting (some successful, some horribly awkward), and combined it with live-in-studio performance video of us playing the song--as well as some under-the-table footsie clips.

"I laughed with delight making this video, and I think the song has a vivid Golden Age of Pop feel. With the guitar and percussion in the verses, we gave it a real gallop, like some country-flavored pop a la Lee Hazlewood. And, as always, I love Berit's vocal in this--silky but so strong." Check out the video below:

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