Wolfgang Van Halen On Honoring His Father and Lack Of Van Halen Covers

Michael Angulia | 03-23-2023

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Mammoth WVH Album art
Album art

Wolfgang Van Halen was on Audacy Check In to talk about Mammoth WVH's new single, "Another Celebration at the End of the World," and his just announced forthcoming sophomore album.

The show sent over some highlights from the interview. Symbolism in his artistry to honor his father [02:25]: "It's very important. He's the reason why I do what I do. I wouldn't exist if it wasn't for him. So, that's certainly very important. I think just doing what I do is enough of a reference and tribute - just me existing and continuing to be my own person and my own musical space. I don't think people realize that me just doing that is enough of a tribute and respect towards the life that he gave me, and the interests he instilled in me. I don't have to play, 'Panama,' in order to respect him, you know what I mean."

Would never cover a Van Halen song on any of his albums : "Nah...If I ever were to cover a thing, it maybe would be like a YouTube video thing. I've got a YouTube channel, maybe it would be fun at some point, when I have more free time, to cover songs for fun and put them up there. On an official album, probably not. I think I have too much of a desire to prove myself and just figure out my own creative process without trying to take from somebody else."

Recording process for the new album happened in two months, played all the instruments for it: "Mammoth is my artistic outlet and it's a fun challenge I really enjoy. Plus it's the only opportunity I really have to play everything anymore. I don't get to play drums anymore; I love playing drums. So, it's a really fun process."

If he's subconsciously worried a cover would become his big hit, his father not wanting to do covers: "I know dad, he never wanted to play any of those covers, unless you fully transform it into your own thing, which I think they did with 'You Really Got Me' and stuff like that. But overall, I'd rather have covers just be like a fun thing instead of a 'record' thing. I mean, live on the last tour, or a couple of tours ago, we played 'Them Bones' by Alice In Chains and that was just a really fun time. Would I record that? Nah, it's just fun."

Being nervous opening for big acts, at the start of a tour: "When we open for Metallica, I'm going to be freaking out, for sure."

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