Wolfgang Van Halen's Mammoth WVH Releases 'I'm Alright' Video


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Mammoth WVH News Video still August 02, 2023
Video still

(PFA) With two days to go until his sophomore album Mammoth II is available worldwide via BMG, Mammoth WVH - the brainchild of Wolfgang Van Halen - is releasing a music video for another song from the album.

The next single "I'm Alright" is another rocker featuring a driving drumbeat, a hypnotic piano riff and a blistering guitar solo that features his uncle - Patrick Bertinelli - on wah pedal operation.

The lines "Sorry - I'm so sorry - It's kind of you to say - F@#k off and back away and let me breathe" are sentiments that are relatable to anyone and given extra bite with Wolfgang's pointed delivery. The music video picks up after the video for "Another Celebration at the End of the World" where the former band of Wolfgangs - who have been fired from Mammoth WVH - start their own band Mammoth WWW and enter the same Battle of the Bands as Mammoth WVH.

Hearing the band rehearsing "I'm Alright," Mammoth WWW steals the song from Mammoth WVH to surprising results. Keeping it in the family on "I'm Alright," Wolfgang's mother -legendary actress and chef Valerie Bertinelli - also makes a cameo appearance in the video. The video marks the third video with director Gordy De St. Jeor and can be viewed below.

"'I'm Alright' is the single that is coinciding with the album release. The video is really fun continuing the story that was established from 'Don't Back Down' and 'Another Celebration at the End of the World.' I think it's really funny that the lyrics are quite angry but delivered through the lens of sort of a comfy rock song. If there ever was an anthem for myself about standing up for what I believe I should be doing - as opposed to what people expect - this is certainly that song," explains Wolfgang.

Mammoth WVH will be celebrating the release of Mammoth II with an appearance on NBC News' TODAY on the morning of Thursday, August 3rd. The band will be performing two songs from the new album: the previously unreleased ballad "Waiting" in the 8AM hour and the radio-edit of the next single "I'm Alright" in the 9AM hour. Check local listings for regional broadcast times.

Continuing the tradition of writing all of the songs and performing all of the instrumentation and vocals himself, GRAMMY Award nominee Wolfgang Van Halen set out to challenge himself to expand his sound beyond what people had already come to know him for. The 10-track collection Mammoth II is slated for release on August 4th via BMG. From the rocking opener "Right?" to Beatles-esque fade on closer "Better Than You," Mammoth II showcases the growth of Wolfgang as a songwriter, musician and especially vocalist. Songs like "Miles Above Me," "I'm Alright" and "Waiting" are all sonically different from each other but unique to what Mammoth is. The debut single from Mammoth II is the upbeat rocker "Another Celebration at the End of the World" is currently in the Top 10 at Active Rock radio. The music video for that song is an 8:25 introduction to the Mammoth live band that was directed by Gordy De St. Jeor.

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