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Page Too Report for 12/09/2016

Meghan Trainor Cancels Upcoming Live Dates Under Doctor's Orders

(Radio.com) Meghan Trainor has announced that she has canceled all scheduled 2016 concerts and appearances after her doctor put her on "strict vocal rest". The singer shared a message on Instagram explaining that though it was a tough decision, she'll make it up to fans in the New Year.

"I posted last week that I wasn't feeling great, but was powering through the best that I could," she wrote. "Unfortunately, I am not feeling any better and after leaving the doctor today, I have been put on a strict vocal rest for the next two weeks."

Trainor's website lists six remaining dates in 2016 in Connecticut, New York City, Washington, DC, and Florida. She's also scheduled to appear at the Jingle Ball in Atlanta. It appears that none of those will go forward. Read more here.

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Russell Crowe Will Not Face Charges Over Azealia Banks Incident

(Radio.com) After an October 16th altercation with rapper Azealia Banks, Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe will not face charges from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office .

The rapper said she filed a battery report on October 21 claiming he choked her, spit on her and used racist language during a party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Local authorities rejected the report based on witness testimony that Banks seemed both intoxicated and physically aggressive.

'Regardless, you need to have the respect and decency to have someone properly escorted out," she wrote on Facebook at the time. "Grabbing them by the neck, calling them n- and tossing them out is not the look. NOR Is spitting an acceptable form of self-defense. I will be moving forward with Pressing charges."

Billboard reports that a worksheet released by the L.A. County District Attorney's office proved insufficient evidence that the assault occurred as Banks described it. Read more here.

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Kenny Chesney Sells 106,000 Tickets Within Hours

(Radio.com) Kenny Chesney recently announced that he will play two stadiums shows in Boston next August and his fans reacted by purchasing 106,000 tickets in just hours.

"I didn't know if it was the right thing. It feels a little like cheating, because I said I was taking the year off," Chesney said in a statement. "But once we sent the trucks and the gear home and I stopped for a little bit, I was still hearing the cheers from those two crazy nights in my ears. How often can you tap into energy that carries you for weeks; that inspires you and stays with you?"

That's when Chesney decided to keep doing what he loves best. "I called my manager and my promoter, said, 'I know it's unconventional, but I'd really like to play Boston - even if it's just once,' he said. "Now they tell me we sold over 106,000 tickets in a couple hours." Read more here.

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Kanye West Is Reportedly Recording New Music

(Radio.com) Whatever drove Kanye West to reportedly work on recording new music while he was in the hospital doesn't seem to have eased up now that he's out. TMZ reported on Thursday that West was working on his follow-up to The Life at Pablo from his Bel-Air mansion where he allegedly built an in-home studio.

But if that seemed like one more gossip story, producer and rapper Pete Rock shared a telling video that confirmed West has indeed been busy. Rock shared a video on Instagram mentioning that he was listening to 45s in the studio with West.

The horn-driven, upbeat, funky track on deck sounds like a new direction from the bass-heavy work West last released. But it's the tracklist Rock quickly panned past that has many people speculating this could be Turbo Grafx 16, the follow-up West promised to Pablo. If that's the case, the song titles have something to do with video game titles, like Resident Evil. Read more and see the post here.

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Dolly Parton Reveals More Stars For Telethon Lineup

(Webster) Dolly Parton's camp have revealed that several more big name music stars have been added to the growing list of celebrities set to perform during Smoky Mountains Rise: A Benefit for the My People Fund telethon on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. (EST). We were sent the following details:

Chris Stapleton, Chris Young, Big & Rich, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, LOCASH, Chris Janson and Montgomery Gentry are just a few of the new names added to perform during the event, which also has added three new broadcast partners, AXS TV, RFD and The Heartland Network.

In addition, USAToday.com and USA Today National Networks to live stream the telethon on their affiliate newspaper websites, including all Tennessee newspaper sites Tennessean.com, Knoxnews.com, commercialappeal.com, jacksonsun.com, theleafchronicle.com, dnj.com, and others.

The nationally-broadcast, three-hour telethon seeks to raise money for the Dollywood Foundation My People Fund, established by Parton, The Dollywood Company and Parton's dinner theaters in the wake of last week's wildfires in the entertainment icon's home area of Sevier County, Tennessee. Read more here.

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Tegan and Sara Go 'Miami Vice' For 'Dying to Know' Video

(Radio.com) Sometimes inspiration comes in strange ways. Tegan and Sara were recently driven to make a video for their song "Dying to Know" after recalling an old episode of Miami Vice.

"A few months ago I was watching a TV show about the '80s, and a scene from Miami Vice with Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas came on," Tegan Quin tells. Billboard. "They were talking specifically about the episode in which they used the entire Phil Collins song 'In the Air Tonight,' almost as if it were a music video."

'I remember thinking how cool it would be to have Sara and I remake the famous scene," she continued. "Sadly, neither of us can drive, nor did we have the time or funds to reshoot that famous scene in Miami. Instead we tapped director Nathan Boey in Vancouver to reshoot it using puppets! I think it might even be better with us as puppets than if we had been in it ourselves."

In the video, puppet versions of the Quins roll through "Miami" in a white Lamborghini, stopping at a pay phone and even ending up on a speedboat. And through it all they sing inquisitive lyrics, posted in neon colors: 'Tell me what you're doing now, where you live/ Tell me are you in love, how you been/ I'm dying to know/ Is the one you ended up with everything you wanted?"

"They shared with me their childhood passion for Miami Vice and the rest sort of wrote itself!" Boey says. "Eleni Creative's dolls were beautifully custom-built, and the idea of them ripping around the city in a mini Lamborghini had me giggling throughout production." Watch the "Dying to Know" video here.

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Sia Separates From Her Husband of Two Years

(Radio.com) Sia has announced that she and her husband of two years have separated. The singer-songwriter tied the knot with Erik Anders Lang in 2014 and kept much of the relationship from public view.

According to his IMDb page, Lang works as a producer on various films and documentary programs. The private and camera-shy Australian pop star released a statement to say the split is amicable.

"After much soul searching and consideration we have made the decision to separate as a couple," the pair told People. 'We are, however, dedicated to remaining friends. There will be no further comment." Read more here.

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Tori Kelly, Bush, Robert Downey Jr. Lead Make-A-Wish Gala

(Radio.com) It was a night full of celebrities, donations, and granting wishes at the fourth annual Make-A-Wish Wishing Well Winter Gala at the Palladium in L.A. on Wednesday (Dec. 7).

Honorees and performers included Tori Kelly, artist manager Scooter Braun, X Ambassadors, Bush, Robert Downey Jr and more, reports Billboard. The event, emceed by Extra host Mario Lopez, honored and awarded those who continue to make a difference within the charitable foundation and for children whose wishes were to meet celebrities, like Downey Jr.

The evening also provided the opportunity to raise funds for the foundation. On average, granting a "wish" costs around $10,000. The event raised $1 million from donations and a silent auction, which included Louis Vuitton sneakers worn by Justin Bieber.Read more here.

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Nicki Minaj And Fetty Wap Reveal New Track 'Like a Star'

(Radio.com) Besides working on mixtapes with his Zoo Gang, Fetty Wap has been busy preparing a hot new single featuring Nicki Minaj called "Like a Star" which can now be streamed online.

With tropical synths, island rhythms and Fetty's warbling vocals, the song is an upbeat addition to previous hits like "Trap Queen." And, arriving just as December takes a chilly dive, it's the perfect bit of warmth. In fact, that warmth translates to all Fetty wants to offer his lady. He's all about sharing on the track.

Minaj comes in boastful on her verse. "Who better than Nicki, man? I can't f'in tell/ Every time I drop, b-hes like 'FML'/ You in the game? I own my own game/ I only respect them hoes that own they own claim," she raps, softening things up at the end by admitting, "I used to be a bh but I nicen'ed up." Listen to the track here.

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Childish Gambino Releases 'Me and Your Mama' Video

(Radio.com) Along with exploring different musical paths on his latest album Awaken, My Love!, Childish Gambino seems interested in putting a unique spin on how viewers experience music videos. He shared the visual for "Me and Your Mama" and it comes with a 360 degree twist.

The video actually premiered a week ago on Gambino's new PHAROS app, where users can interact with the video's 360 degree ability and check out more than the one angle visible on other platforms. But for those without the app, Gambino made the video available on YouTube yesterday (December 7th) and it still conveys an immersive edge.

Shot during Gambino's "The Pharos Experience," which was held earlier this year, the video reveals what attendees--who were stripped of their phones during the show--saw. For starters, there's the lighting. The dome hosting the musical event turns into a trippy night sky perfect for the psychedelic rush-rock of "Me and Your Mama." Gambino dons a tribalistic costume, complete with face painting, and walks the stage while concertgoers look on amazed. Watch the video here.

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Lil Wayne And YG Release New Track 'Trill'

(Radio.com) YG and Lil Wayne have returned with a new track, "Trill," as part of Red Bull's "20 Before 17" series, which delivers what it sounds like: 20 new tracks before 2017.

Even though Lil Wayne is featured on the track, he starts it off instead of YG. Weezy takes a puff and blows it out before he begins laying out his verse. "Pass the weed to the next n," he raps, his gravelly voice remaining calm. Throughout his verse, he outlines all the ways he's the "trillest," ending with the hilarious example, "Shaquille O'Trill." YG comes in next with a bigger hype style, his words don't stick to the meter but work around it.

This isn't the first time YG and Lil Wayne have collaborated. Weezy appeared on YG's sophomore studio album Still Brazy. YG followed up that drop with another in late November, when he released his mixtape Red Friday. As for new music from Wayne, he promises big things are coming in 2017. Listen to the explicit track here.

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Wale Releases 'Folarin Like' Music Video

(Radio.com) Wale just released the music video for "Folarin Like" and it depicts an evening stroll on a brisk autumn night. In the clip, Wale drinks, smokes and wanders around an urban park after dark, freestyling over the classic "Nas Is Like" instrumental. The lyrics of the track address the chilly video concept:

"I'm the coldest poet, they never show it/ I show up like the fin' bear from Revenant/ Barely n-s is Yogi Bear in here/ Mo, this is a picnic walk/ I sip gin and tonic and booth then I s talk."

The track is from Wale's forthcoming album S.H.I.N.E. which does not yet have a release date. Until then, you can watch the explicit new music video for "Folarin Like" here.

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Jason Aldean Discusses The New Song 'Any Ol' Barstool'

(Radio.com) One of the highlights on Jason Aldean's latest album, They Don't Know, is "Any Ol' Barstool," a song that brings the stadium rocking superstar back to his country roots.

"It's one of the more traditional country sounding things on the album," he tells Radio.com. "Every once in a while, I like to pull those out, like 'The Truth.' It's one of those breakup songs that we country fans love. [The guy in the song is] talking about how he's not really letting her know how bad she's crushed him. 'If you don't believe me, ask any old barstool.' He's been hitting every bar in town."

"It brings me back to my country roots," he says. "I love playing the heavier rock and roll things. But I love country music, and everyone once in a while it's fun to go back and [play] something a little more traditional and remind people this is what I love as well."

He was quick to point out his big country-rock inspiration. "For me, it was Alabama, they were the guys who had the southern rock vibe, like 'Tennessee River' and 'Mountain Music,' these big fun party songs."Read more here.

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Drake's NYC OVO Store Opening This Weekend

(Radio.com) After holding a series of successful OVO (October's Very Own) pop-up shops in New York and other major U.S. cities, Drake decided to make his merchandise permanently available to fans with a handful of new flagship stores.

Drake's New York OVO flagship store will open on December 10th. He shared a video announcing its arrival. The black and white video lovingly looks at New York's skyline while Drake's OVO symbol hovers in the night sky like the Bat-signal. It looks as though, from what the video suggests, the shop will be located on Bowery and Bond.

The New York location marks the third flagship store for Drake's OVO brand. The first two opened in Toronto and Los Angeles. Check out the teaser video below.

#NYWELCOMEOVO 12.10.16 📷: @KennethCappello https://t.co/9TrZSLJMQu October's Very Own (@welcomeOVO) December 06, 2016 Read more here.

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Rihanna Clarifies Alleged Beyonce Diss

(Radio.com) In the age of social media, where every single "like" means so much more than the tap of a button, Rihanna landed in hot water after she liked a post on Instagram that appeared to diss Beyonce over the 2017 Grammy nominations.

The post came from a Rihanna fan account, which called out the GRAMMYs for leaving Ri-Ri out of several prominent categories like Song of the Year and Album of the Year while Beyonce got all their attention. When Rihanna liked the post, many followers thought she was going along with the snide snub towards Bey, but she jumped back on to clarify.

"I never actually read your caption, thought the pic was funny and moved right along!" she wrote in a comment. "I'm petty af, yes. But this is just unnecessary! I wish y'all would drop this topic and see things from the bigger picture!" Read more here.

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Madonna Does Carpool Karaoke On James Corden

(Radio.com) The Late Late Show's James Corden can check one more mega-celebrity off his list of Carpool Karaoke companions &Madonna. During the sketch, Corden picked up Madonna on the way to work and the duo quickly broke into "Vogue."

Then the two started to dish. Madonna called her children 'rebellious," adding that while her own work is rebellious, her daily life is very "square." She doesn't drink, smoke, or party.

She also told Corden she was excommunicated three times by the Vatican which led right into a rousing sing-along of "Papa Don't Preach." When asked about her love life and what her 'type" was, the singer began to describe Corden, stressing that a great sense of humor is most important. Corden quickly pointed out that he was married, saying, 'Julia, Julia's great."

Then, Madonna admitted she kissed Michael Jackson "tongue-in-mouth," after she loosened him up with a glass of chardonnay. During the drive, Madonna and Corden also sang "Bitch I'm Madonna," to which the still-agile artist turned around and twerked inside the car. Then they burst into "Express Yourself," and "Ray of Light." The pair even sang a bit of Madonna's song from Evita, "Don't Cry For Me Argentina." Watch it here.

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