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Page Too Report for 09/19/2016

Green Day Tour Kick Off Postponed By Illness

(hennemusic) Green Day have postponed this week's launch of their Revolution Radio North American club tour due to an illness "affecting several members of the band and its crew."

The postponed dates include stops in St. Louis, MO (Sep. 20), Chicago, IL (Sep. 21), and Detroit, MI (Sep 24), while a Toronto, ON appearance at the World Cup Of Hockey Fan Village on Sep. 23 has been canceled.

Schedule permitting, Green Day will make up all dates but Toronto, and tickets will be honored at the new dates. Fans who would like to obtain a refund can do so from their original point of purchase.

"We're so sad to announce we have to postpone three shows and cancel Toronto," says the group. "Many of us have been battling this infection for days on end to be ready, and it just got the best of us." Read more here.

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Christina Aguilera, John Mayer Lead Prince Tribute Concert Lineup

(Radio.com) A star-studded tribute concert in Prince's home state of Minnesota will gather together some of the biggest names across genres of music for what's sure to be one wild night filled with all the classic songs and more.

"Prince The Official Tribute" has finally been announced and it will include performances from Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Christina Aguilera, Tori Kelly, John Mayer and more. Previous Prince collaborators like Morris Day and the Time and New Power Generation are also set to perform.

Details about the concert were promised in August and then pushed back to Labor Day with still no set announcement. Organizers blamed artists' schedules and the difficulty finding one date that would accommodate everyone.

But now things are on track with the concert scheduled for October 13th at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Read more here.

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The Game Wants To Beat Up Meek Mill

(Radio.com) The Game has been largely about peace in 2016, but it looks as though he's back to his old beefing ways. While performing in Miami, fans captured the Compton rapper dissing Meek Mill and offering to fight him.

Although it's not clear what prompted his response, Game told the crowd, "I just wanna beat that n- a- for a good time," he said. "When you see me n- square up. It don't gotta be about no guns, n-. F- Meek Mill" (via XXL).

Late last year, Game got into a similar verbal sparring match with rapper Stitches, offering to fight him (after his manager actually did), but failing to pony up on his threats.

Before he began performing a new track, "I Never Heard of That," Game cheekily threw one more dig out at Meek. 'Meek Mill not snitching on me, I never heard of that."

He this were the Meek of last year he would have likely retaliated, but this new Meek seemed to be trying to keep the peace. Read more here.

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Bruce Springsteen's CBS Sunday Morning Interview Posted Online

(hennemusic) Bruce Springsteen sat down with Anthony Mason on CBS Sunday Morning over the weekend to discuss his life, career and forthcoming memoir, "Born To Run" and video of the broadcast has been posted online.

Due September 27 via Simon & Schuster, the book sees the singer tell his life story under the title of his signature 1975 song.

"I was trying to make the greatest record you ever heard," says Springsteen of the iconic tune. "A record that after you heard it, you didn't have to hear another record."

While his third album, "Born To Run", proved to be his artistic and commercial breakthrough, Springsteen revealed the source of his personal drive.

"I believe behind every artist has someone that told him that he wasn't worth dirt, and someone that told him they were the second coming of baby Jesus, and they believed them both," he tells Mason. "That is the fuel that starts the fire."

During the episode, Springsteen and Mason toured the singer's hometown of Freehold, NJ, spoke about his relationships with family, his battle with depression in recent years, and the E Street Band - especially saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who passed away in 2011.

"It was very primal," Springsteen says of the relationship the two had. "It was just, 'Oh, you're, you're some missing part of me. You're some dream I'm having.' He was this huge force, you know? While at the same time being very fragile and very dependent himself, which is maybe what the two of us had in common.

"We were both kind of insecure down inside. And we both felt kind of fragile and unsure of ourselves. But when we were together we felt really powerful." Watch the full interview here.

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Keith Urban Releases 'Blue Ain't Your Color' Video

(Radio.com) Keith Urban has released the music video for his song "Blue Ain't Your Color." The track is the new single from the country star's latest album "Ripcord."

Hours before the release, the Urban went on Facebook live and answered questions from fans. During the chat, Urban revealed that the inspiration for the clip came from playing with Carrie Underwood for the finale of American Idol. He performed in a suit on the show so he played in a suit for the video.

Urban also discussed all of the 'firsts" for the video, including using director Carter Smith, the actress model Amber Valletta, the location and playing as a three-piece band with Jerry Flowers on bass and Seth Rausch on drums.

Urban credits Smith with much of the creative decision-making for the video. He said Smith came up with the treatment as well as the idea to use an empty bar to create an 'almost dreamlike" setting. The video was shot in black and white to give it a retro feel. Read more here.

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Kanye West Mix Of J Dilla's 'The Anthem' To Finally Be Released

(Radio.com) When the late J Dilla recorded "The Anthem" in the early 2000s, one original mix came from a young MC by the name of Kanye West. Since Dilla's death in 2006, that audio has remained unreleased, until next month.

"The Anthem" will appear on The Middle Finger, a compilation of recordings that will be released October 5th. In the 2013 documentary Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, Kanye elaborated on how formative Dilla was in shaping the musician and MC he became.

"We gotta make music and think, 'If Dilla was alive, would he like this?'" West said. "I have to work on behalf of Dilla. When I put a weird-ass Jamaican sample, it works at first but it's not until I put the [makes discordant musical noise] that it sounds like art or sounds slightly wrong." Read more here.

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Calvin Harris Explains Why Did Vocals On 'My Way'

(Radio.com) Calvin Harris teased fans on Twitter about who would be featured on his "My Way" and after much speculation, he surprised everyone with a song comprised of his own vocals.

"I did this with 'Feel So Close' and 'We Found Love.'" Harris told Carson Daly during an appearance on Daly's 97.1 AMP Radio show last week after the single was released.

"A lot of the reason why I did this was I like the juxtaposition, like yeah, I just worked with one of the greats [Rihanna] and now I'm going to just take it back to just me because I can. So, why not?" Read more and check out the song here.

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Adele Paid Tribute To Amy Winehouse At Recent Concert

(Radio.com) Adele took a time-out during her Boston show last week to pay tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, a major musical influence who would've turned 33 on Monday. As she sees it, there could have been no Adele without Amy.

"I feel like I owe 90 percent of my career to [Winehouse]," she told the crowd. "Because of her, I picked up a guitar and because of her, I wrote my own songs. The songs I got signed on were the songs that I wrote completely on my own - if it wasn't for her, that wouldn't have happened."

The 25 hitmaker added that she wishes Winehouse was still alive and making music. "I used to see her on TV or in magazine shoots with a pink electric guitar and I used to think she was the coolest mf-er on the face of the Earth," she said. Read more here.

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Loretta Lynn Announces 'White Christmas Blue' Album

(Radio.com) Country music legend Loretta Lynn has announced that she will be releasing new holiday album titled White Christmas Blue, which is set to hit stores on October 7th.

"White Christmas Blue" will be Lynn's second holiday themed album release, but her last yuletide foray Country Christmas was released 50 years ago in 1966.

Fear not, the new album features updated versions of her classic originals "To Heck with Ole Santa Claus," and "Country Christmas," as well as the newly penned title track.

Check out the full track listing from White Christmas Blue here.

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Mac Miller Opens Up About 'Love' On His New Album

(Radio.com) Soon after Mac Miller and Ariana Grande went public with their relationship, Miller revealed that his new album, The Divine Feminine, is influenced by love. And his popstar girlfriend is one of the collaborators on the project.

The record was originally set to be a released as an EP, but the rapper later decided to create a full-length album to let himself be more vulnerable and address "more emotional things that I would probably not want to say in fear of looking less cool," Miller told Billboard.

The rapper added, "I really like love as a concept. On the last album, I realized there's no love songs, and I wanted to do a project based around that."Read more here.

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Lady Gaga Reveals The Meaning Behind 'Perfect Illusion'

(Radio.com) Lady Gaga is back with a brand new single, "Perfect Illusion" from her just announced new album Joanne. Lyrically, the song laments lost connections between people, but musically, it's the product of a somewhat unlikely musical union between super-producer Mark Ronson, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, songwriter/producer Bloodpop and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

While some might think the track was influenced by her recent split with her fiance Taylor Kinney, she says it's not about their story in particular, but more so about everyone's story when it cones to relationships .

As she told Radio.com, "This song in particular is about a failed relationship, whether it's about somebody who you are dating, or a friend in your life, someone who is maybe a family member."

Of course, when you're Lady Gaga, making new relationships can be difficult. "Me and Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, who I wrote the song with, and Mark Ronson and Bloodpop, we also talked about how the public views me as this sort of perfect illusion, and how it hinders my ability to have a human connection with them."

She continues, "It's a song not only about being upset that a relationship is over, but a song also about being upset and confused that it's so hard to find a real relationship. And to find a real connection, because we're living in a social media storm right now, where there's so many augmented, filtered, perfect illusions around us that we can't figure out what's authentic and what isn't."Read more here.

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Singled Out: V2's Long Live Rock N Roll

The young rockers from V2 (pronounced V-Squared) recently released their new album "V2: The Beginning" and to celebrate brothers, Vittorio and Vincenzo, tell us about the song "Long Live Rock N Roll". Here is the story:

the brothers, Vittorio and Vincenzo tells us about "Long Live Rock N Roll" from their debut album. Here is the story:
Vittorio: My mom is a classical musician and when she was pregnant with us, sang in a classical music choir and played classical music to us. My dad is a rocker.

Vincenzo: After we were born, our mom played classical music for us in the car. When we started talking, she would tell us who the composers were and tells us about them. By the time we went to kindergarten we could name them and their songs. Our mom wanted us to play classical music and started us on acoustic guitar and piano when we were 7, but we really didn't like it much.

Vittorio: One day when we were driving with our dad in his truck, we were complaining about having to learn the piano and acoustic guitar. He told us a story about two brothers named Malcolm and Angus Young, who attended Catholic School just like we did and started playing in a band. We asked what happened to them and he said they became Rock Gods and he put AC/DC's Back in Black CD in the truck's stereo. We listened to the whole CD. The sounds were awesome!

Vincenzo: When the CD was done we told out dad that we wanted to play music like that!

Vittorio: Our dad smiled and said, "I hoped you'd say that." He then drove us down to the music store and bought us a drum kit and electric guitars.

Vincenzo: We started making noise with them and about a week later a guitar and drum instructor stopped by the house and we had our first lessons.

Vittorio: Three months later we slayed our Catholic Talent Show by playing AC/DC's Back in Black, TNT and Highway to Hell.

The first original song we wrote is called "Long Live Rock N Roll" and it tells out story. It tells how we became rockers. The lyrics are:

Before we were born, while still in her womb
Mom played the classics, filling the room
Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Bach
Beethoven, Brahms, we never heard any rock

Long Live Rock N Roll

When we hit the ground, classics kept on playin'
Heavenly music, Mom was so fond of sayin'
Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Bach
Beethoven, Brahms, we never heard any rock

Long Live Rock and Roll

Then one day it struck, like a bolt from the blue
We heard the Rock Gods, we knew just what to do
So we cranked up the amps, laid down the beat
Struck the power chords and started moving our feet

Now we're playing hard, now we're playing fast.
Born to be rockers, gonna' make it last.
Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Bach
Beethoven, Brahms, HEAR US ROCK!

Long! Live! Rock and Roll

Vincenzo: The part about "When we heard the Rock Gods, we knew just what to do" refers to when our dad played AC/DC's Back in Black for us in his truck the day when we were complaining about mom making us learn the acoustic guitar and piano.

Vittorio: Mom was pissed off at Dad for a long time after that.

Vincenzo: Yeah, she was mad until she saw us perform at the LA Music Awards and get a standing ovation. When the LA Music Awards gave us our plaques for winning the 7 categories we thanked our mom for passing on her musical talents to us and Vittorio gave her, in front of everybody, his LA Music Awards Guitarist of the Year plaque. Mom cried a little bit.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album
right here!

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