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Page Too Report for 06/28/2017

Chris Brown Gets Into Altercation With Migos

(Radio.com) Migos and Chris Brown both performed at Sunday night's BET Awards, but the real show started after Brown debuted the video for "PIE" at an afterparty. Brown and members of the rap group got into a physical altercation in a parking garage, TMZ reports.

Footage of the standoff hit Twitter and shows two figures in a tense exchange. Witnesses told TMZ that Brown pushed Migos' Quavo but the confrontation was quickly defused.

The report notes that police were called to the scene but by then, the fight had fizzled. Migos and Joe Budden had a verbal dispute of their own during the BET Awards pre-show--a night of squabbles for hip-hop's rising stars.

Newsweek reports that Migos' Quavo is currently dating Brown's ex Karreuche Tran--who has pressed domestic violence charges against the singer in the past. Watch some footage from the "fight" here.

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Lil Kim Allegedly A Person Of Interest In Robbery

(Radio.com) A new report names rapper Lil Kim as a person of interest in a Los Angeles robbery investigation. The alleged crime was committed at a house where Kim was set to host a BET Awards party on Saturday night.

According to TMZ, Kim and her entourage arrived at the house late last night and surveyed the party. Unsatisfied with the accommodations, they turned to leave and "demanded their money back from either the owner or property manager."

When those parties declined to refund Kim's money, LAPD sources say someone called the cops. Because the dispute was a civil matter, law enforcement reportedly did not intervene. Later in the night, TMZ reports that "a group of people showed up at the house with ski masks and weapons," seizing Kim's deposit check and cash--for a grand total of "at least $20k." Read more here.

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The Chainsmokers Get Sentimental With 'Young' Lyric Video

(Radio.com) Hit making duo The Chainsmokers have debuted a new lyric video for their track "Young." The song comes off their latest album, "Memories Do Not Open"

Directed by Rory Kramer, the video features a collection of photos of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall growing up over the years interspersed with footage from their recently wrapped tour.

Check out the online stream of the "Young" lyric video to catch a glimpse at what Andrew and Alex looked like when they were still kids that dreamed of stardom here.

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Lorde Thanks Fans For Making 'Melodrama' No. 1

(Radio.com) Lorde's second studio album, Melodrama, just moved into the number one slot on the Billboard 200 chart. This is the young singer's first number one album, following her critically acclaimed 2013 debut record, Pure Heroine.

The "Green Light" singer took to Twitter on Monday (June 26) to thank her fans and talk about her musical journey, first writing, "you guys, today we have the number one album in america. from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

She continued in five more tweets, writing, "royals was, to quote david chase, 'a moonshot, a dreadnought'. there were no such guarantees with melodrama--that's why this means so much … when i was a kid i thought big records had to be made a certain way--to be sterile & calculated in craft; that something had to be sacrificed … i have had the divine thrill of disproving that firsthand, twice over." Check out the tweets here.

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Bruno Mars And David Guetta Reveal 'Versace on The Floor' Remix

(Radio.com) Bruno Mars' hit track "Versace on the Floor" just got a little more funky with the help of David Guetta. The French DJ/producer premiered the remix during a performance on Monday night (June 26).

"I'm super proud that I had the opportunity to work with Bruno Mars on 'Versace on the Floor.' It is more than a remix; it is a collaboration and combination of different worlds together. My goal was to make it more dance and DJ friendly, but still respect the music that he came with, and keep the song and his voice in tact because it's so beautiful.

"I hoped to create something that would not just be for one community, just like Bruno makes quality music that speaks to a wide audience. He's really a next level musician and songwriter. I knew that already, but by working on his music I realized it even more so."

As a disclaimer before he debuted the new tune, Guetta said, "it's a little different from what I usually play here, it's a little softer." The new version adds retro synths and vocoded lines, giving it just a little more "oomph." Listen to and watch the Guetta's live performance of "Versace on The Floor" here.

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Nick Jonas Releases 'Remember I Told You' Video

(Radio.com) Nick Jonas released a new fun and playful music video for his latest single "Remember I Told You" which features Anne-Marie and Mike Posner on Tuesday (June 27).

The new visual was directed by Isaac Rentz and the video starts off in black-and-white, showing Jonas and a group of models dancing around an empty white room.

Marie and Posner later join in on the craziness, which wouldn't be complete without packing peanuts, thrones, duct tape and more. Near the end of the track, the room gradually gains color, turning into a full-blown rave.

Watch "Remember I Told You" below. Read more here.

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Mac Miller Shares Ariana Grande Birthday Message

(Radio.com) Ariana Grande celebrates her 24th birthday on Monday (June 26) and the pop star's boyfriend, Mac Miller, was the first to wish her the happiest of birthdays.

Miller posted a photo on Instagram of the two lovebirds at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and thanked her for "loving me so good." "Happy Birthday to this adorable pure soul who has reminded me what being happy feels like," Miller wrote. "Thank you for loving me so good. I think it's supposed to be 'so well' but I don't care. I love you and can't wait for all of the adventures."

The couple confirmed their relationship in September of 2016 but in an interview with Cosmopolitan in April, Grande said she had "adored" the rapper for years. Read more here.

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Chris Janson Releases 'Redneck Life' Video

(Radio.com) Chris Janson released a brand new music video for his track "Redneck Life." The song comes off his latest EP 'Fix a Drink,' which arrived earlier this month.

In the video, Janson stands in full cameo by the bank of a slow-moving creek, while he names off all the "redneck" experiences that "chose him," such as cutoff jeans, cheap cigarettes, and hunting.

"I believe in staying true to your roots, and I believe that if you're going to make music for a fan base," Janson told Rolling Stone. "I know as a listener, I want to be able to believe who I am listening to, and I am that kind of guy. No matter what the subject matter in my songs, in some form or facet I have lived, am living, or plan to be living that song." Watch "Redneck Life" here.

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Justin Bieber Declares Drake The 'Best of Our Generation'

(Radio.com) Justin Bieber has nothing but love for Drake. The pop star took to social media on Monday night (June 26) to show some love for his fellow Canadian artist, calling him "the best of our generation."

Bieber paid his tribute right before Drake hosted the inaugural 2017 NBA Awards in New York City, writing that he was "more than a rapper, a culture shifter and legend."

The two haven't collaborated since 2012's "Right Here," but maybe after this loving shout-out fans can hope for something from the duo in the near future. Check out the post here.

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Singled Out: Midnight Beach's Fantasy

Clearwater, FL electro-pop duo Midnight Beach are gearing up to release their self-titled debut album on July 14th to celebrate we asked Steve Alex to tell us about their first single "Fantasy". Here is the story:

Back in January of 2016, Vovi Vu, who produced the song, sent me basic tracks centered on the intro synth/piano stabs. It had the chorus part too, but the arrangement wasn't in place yet. I recorded some temp vocals over it, originally calling the song "Don't Let Go". Where the chorus now sings "we have pretended for so long/we were so right/now it's just a fantasy…" used to be a repetitive "don't let go" 3 times, then it said "here comes the line". While we were building the arrangement, we both knew that the chorus lyrics were lazy. Vovi wanted to know when "the line was coming?" He had a point. I knew it needed a rework too. Maybe I was telling myself that the hook line was coming (a lot of times I sing lyrics, knowing they are just place-holders for a revision). Anyway, the chorus took on the "Fantasy" theme, inspired by the synth sound he uses in the chorus. It's very shimmery with sparkling arpeggios. Even more so, the bridge uses that same synth to create a dreamy, fantasy-like breakdown section. It has this sort of hazy, psychedelic feel to it, it's probably my favorite part of the song.

Once the song became "Fantasy" finished pretty quickly. The verse lyrics lined up with the new chorus by changing a few lines. The drum parts have a late eighties dance vibe to them. They remind me of Janet Jackson, Stevie B, Lisa Lisa, stuff from Club MTV days. Overall, the song is pretty lively but a little melancholy; because it's about longing for something in the past. Like most of the songs on this album, it lands somewhere in the middle of the style spectrums. Not up or down, happy or sad, but that in-between feeling that's hard to explain.

Vovi gets credit on our team for generally not settling on first ideas. This song is a perfect example. I often run with the first thing that comes to mind, wrap it up and move on to the next song. He has a meticulous attention to detail. I'm beginning to work that way a little more now. While at times our heads butted during the production, the balance of our two working modes ended up producing a fine album which will be out in a couple weeks.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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