Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - Live at Radio City Music Hall Review

by Jeff Krause

Ok, I've got good news, and I've got bad news.

The good news is Dave Matthews has a new live double cd out.

The bad news is Dave Matthews has a new live double cd out.

Here's why it's good; seldom, if ever, does Dave Matthews (especially when combined with the amazing, immensely underrated Tim Reynolds) put out a live release that is subpar, lacking in musical dynamics, full of fan favorites, or in any way lacking in the area of being full of feel-goodness.

Here's why it's bad; Dave Matthews, perhaps following in the footsteps of the Grateful Dead, has released approximately 13 live albums between 2000 and the present. While 13 different live recordings of many of the songs DMB fans know and love can be a good thing, there's only been 4 studio albums in that time (including Dave's 2003 solo release "Some Devil"), and the propensity for overlap on a large scale is not only possible, it's a reality.

That notwithstanding, this two-disc all acoustic live release is simply amazing. Coupled once again with Tim Reynolds, just like on 1999's "Live At Luther College", Dave Matthews weaves in and out of material spanning his recording career, as well as a few unreleased songs and covers of two songs written by the unmistakable Daniel Lanois.

Highlighting the familiar songs are two amazing instrumental songs by Tim Reynolds. Tim, for too long overlooked as an amazing musician and guitarist, makes his two tracks flow and sound so rich, simply by using his guitar and a few effects at his disposal. One can only imagine how amazing these songs would sound in person, or how any musician would stand in awe of Tim's raw ability at making his guitar more than an instrument.
In all, and in spite of the fact that many songs here have been heard in a live setting before in one way or another, this is still an amazing release, and is still an enjoyable listen that, if nothing else, will make one want to crank up the stereo and crank down the car windows for the few remaining days of summer that are left.

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