Rock Reads: Aliens Among Us: Exploring Past and Present by Barry Strohm

Reviewed by Kevin Wierzbicki

Most books that assert that extraterrestrial beings are living on or visiting Earth on a regular basis come to their conclusions through an examining of what is already known to be factual (thousands of people see UFOs) and what is believed to be true (the Roswell crash.) Strohm's opinion though is arrived at in a most unique way as he's gotten the word directly, as they say, from the horse's mouth. Strohm not only has an interest in UFOs and aliens, he also has the ability to channel spirit guides, and in Aliens Among Us he chats with a variety of non-physical beings including a fellow named Mou, who is himself an alien. Strohm poses a series of questions to Mou and the others, with most of the commentary coming from Mou, who says he is from a planet called Robbe. Mou answers questions like the all-important Are aliens on earth? (Yes, more than one species), Did aliens really crash at Roswell? (Yes) and Are the aliens out to harm Earth and its inhabitants? (No.) Things like the famed Nazca lines in Peru, the building of the pyramids, saucers spotted over Washington, DC and the alleged Nazi bases in Antarctica are discussed, and we don't want to spoil the fun here but reader's will also find out if President Harry Truman took a flying saucer ride, if Neil Armstrong met aliens on the Moon and if aliens can read our minds. Strohm admits that at times he thinks Mou might be pulling his leg, but there are cases where Strohm asks about something he's personally experienced and Mou's answers reinforce his credibility. Readers may think it is all hogwash or they may glean some new ideas to mull over; regardless all will finish the book having been thoroughly entertained.

Aliens Among Us is hardback, 176 pages with about 50 photos and a suggested price of $19.99. Purchase it here

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