Izzy Thomas - Sell Your Soul

by Morley Seaver

Once in awhile, if you're lucky, you get to hear a select few new artists and just know they are destined for big things. I got this feeling from hearing the first few notes by British singer/songwriter Izzy Thomas. Take the bluesy-soul of Amy Winehouse and add some Xtina-era (Christina Aguilera) sass. Place in a rock format with a touch of hip-hop flavour and you've got the makings of....well, a career in the making.

Izzy released her debut EP Sell Your Soul earlier this year and it contains five songs that are all very strong. The singer has a confident aura in both songwriting and delivery. There is no waffling on words or notes, opting instead to let you know that she's no wallflower and punctuating the words with both power and a self-assured ease. A lot of young singers try to impress on their first record, going for the spotlight with every note but Thomas hangs back and picks her spots.

After beginning the EP with a prelude skit, the first song is "Favourite Song", a slinky piece that has a sexy shimmy to it and Thomas impresses on the chorus without trying. Instantly you can tell the voice has more depths that have yet to be navigated.

The slow funk of "Wicked Way" really gets the record cooking and Izzy massages each note and lets it rip on the irresistible chorus. I likey!! The title track is the first thing I heard by Izzy and is the standout track on the record. There is so much power just waiting to be let out but she keeps everything in check, just expertly putting the emphasis on the song rather than her voice....although it's hard to avoid. Great production on this one as well.

She mixes things up with a faster pace on "Rock and Roll" and shows she can handle a range of material. "Won't Get Rid of Me" once again goes for more of a rock feel and rounds out the record nicely.

Sell Your Soul is a REALLY good record but I have a feeling that Izzy Thomas is going to have a long, great career.

Izzy Thomas - Sell Your Soul

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