Rock Reads: Little Gray Bastards- The Incessant Alien Presence by Jordan Hofer & David Barker

Reviewed by Kevin Wierzbicki

Hofer and Barker present a case here that the alien lifeforms known as Grays are more than occasional visitors to our planet; they are thoroughly involved in our everyday lives. To make that point in a bit of a humorous manner the book's (animated) cover graphics depict a family of four posing in front of the iconic American landmark Mt. Rushmore, where Teddy Roosevelt's likeness is replaced by that of a Gray and where the boy member of the family is also a Gray. To top it off, UFOs hover in the background. Those clever and eye-catching graphics are the only thing funny about "Little Gray Bastards" though as the accounts within range from eerily unusual to horrifying. Giving the book a fresh perspective is a chronicling of the paranormal experiences endured by one man, here referred to under the pseudonym "Earl Heriot." Throughout the book, on a more-or-less every-other chapter basis, Heriot tells of bizarre occurrences going all the way back to when he was three-years-old and saw scary faces in the window as he floated up out of his crib; soon after his parents watched as a UFO hovered over the ocean near their West Coast residence. Heriot's life of weirdness included instances of reading other's minds, "dreaming" of aliens both of the Gray and larger insect type, out-of-body experiences, a run-in with "three vibrating spheres" and an encounter with a cigar-shaped UFO. As candid as Heriot is here in recounting his life for the authors, he has made it clear that he's not interested in being hypnotically regressed to the time of any of these instances. Between chapters about Heriot the authors detail the tribulations of other experiencers, much of which, like with Heriot, is in the experiencer's own words. A timeline of alien attacks is also included, covering everything from unexplained lights, noises, and injuries to residents of Venezuela in 1886 (vented UFO radiation?) to the World War II "foo fighters" to a 2003 account of a hunter in Pennsylvania who is thought to have been murdered by Grays. Scary stuff, but a fun read.

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