Strange Karma - Cold Blooded

Martin Strange, the lead singer for Australian power trio Strange Karma, has a voice that often recalls a young Robert Plant. Add in the fact that cuts like "Devil from the Moon," the album's first single, has a bit of Led Zeppelin-like heavy riffing and rhythm to it and it's inevitable that Strange Karma draw comparison to that band. Being mentioned in the same breath as one of rock's greatest bands ever is quite the accolade, but the kudos would be better applied to the entire classic hard rock era, as Strange Karma can also recall Queen ("I Believe (London Town)") or hint at any number of influences like on "Dreams" where the Zeppelin love coexists with bits of Jethro Tull, the Who and even the rocking side of Elton John circa Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. But these guys are far from anybody's clones; Paul Strange shines on lead guitar throughout, Jason McDonald lays down a powerful but not overwhelming beat and the unique-voiced Martin Strange augments the sound with more guitar and tasteful piano melodies. Basically these guys can write their own ticket and Cold Blooded represents the first leg of their journey outside of Australia; a tour of North America or appearances on the summer festival circuit would instantly give Strange Karma the recognition they deserve. In a throwback to the heyday of classic hard rock, Cold Blooded is available on vinyl only.

12" LP

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