Special Haunted Edition

Boo! Well, we probably didn't scare you with that. But you might get a hair-raising thrill from visiting some of the haunted locations we're going to tell you about here. Some of these places can be experienced all year-round while others are geared to the Halloween season. No matter when you go, make sure to keep an open mind and you'll have a frightfully good time!

Abingdon, VA - Spirit Tour with the "Haint Mistress"
Donnamarie Emmert is the Haint Mistress and she'll tell stories and explain history as she leads you on a tour of Abingdon's historic district, a 20-block area filled with Federal, Victorian and Colonial architecture. You'll hear about a disappearing murder weapon, mysterious violin music, a blood-stained floor at the Martha Washington Hotel, ghostly actors that haunt the Barter Theatre and the "Tavern Tart" at eatery The Tavern, who just might give you a ghostly pinch on the backside. Tours are $20 and last about two hours. Tour info is here. Information on other fun things to do in Abingdon is here.

Loudon County, TN - Dead Man's Farm
Open only on select days Oct. 4 through Nov. 2, Dead Man's Farm brings the scary in a big time way. There's the Haunted House/Bludgeon House Tour and you can also get "buried alive" in a sensory coffin simulator, and try to free yourself from the Electric Chair Escape. Then there are two escape rooms, ominously called the Serial Killer Escape and the Black Magic Escape. There are midway attractions, a chance to get a photo with some of the performers, and for those who prefer, a "Scare Free Zone" with bonfires and food and beverage concessions. Find details here. To see what else there is to do in Loudon County go here.

Roswell, GA - Roswell Ghost Tours
Who knew that there were so many ghosts right in the metro Atlanta area? Roswell is about 20-miles outside of Atlanta and you'll meet or at least learn about some of the city's otherworldly residents when you take the Roswell Ghost Tour. The brainchild of paranormal investigator and author ("Roswell: History, Haunts and Legends") Dianna Avena, the tour is a 1-mile walking tour that takes about 2 hours to complete. You'll hear about the spirits of distraught Civil War soldiers, possibly hear the laughter and the sounds of ghost children playing, and maybe even see a swing swinging all by itself. This frightening and enlightening tour can be taken on select days all year-round and every night during October. Find details here. Roswell tourist information is available here.

Vicksburg, MS - Haunted Vicksburg Ghost Walk
This tour is a 90-minute stroll through Vicksburg's oldest (any yes, most haunted!) neighborhood, where spirits remain for a myriad of reasons; deaths from the yellow fever epidemic, antebellum duels, the Trail of Tears and the 47-day siege of Vicksburg. Tour available every Friday and Saturday year-round. More information is available here. Separately, visit the Vicksburg National Military Park where sightings of the spirits of soldiers have been documented. Additional information is available here.

Aiken, SC - Haunted Aiken Tour
Offered by Tailored Tours of Aiken, the Haunted Aiken Tour is arranged to take place to the individual's liking and can combine walking and riding. You'll see haunted secret passages in the Old Post Office where there are bones in the basement, and at the historic Aiken Hotel you'll learn about shadowy movements, whispers, crying and screaming that emanates from empty rooms! Also at the hotel, toilets flush by themselves and housekeeping carts have a ghostly mind of their own. Ghost hunting equipment is used during this chilling and educational tour. More information is here. Aiken is located in South Carolina's Thoroughbred Country and more information on the entire area is available here.

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