Brainsqueezed - Scarred

Brainsqueezed lives up to its cool name with an eleven-song collection of progressive rock. It was created by Sébastien Laloue, who is French, but you'd never know it from the English language songs on Scarred. Laloue is the act's guitarist/keyboardist, but Audrey Karrasch and Marcello Vieira provide vocals. In addition to standard guitar, bass and drums, this album also features Alex Paclin playing harmonica and Hugo Lee on saxophone.

Stylistically, Brainsqueezed categorizes itself someplace between A Perfect Circle and Guns N' Roses, which is a fairly wide sonic spectrum. Lyrically, these songs lean decidedly to the dark side, with titles like "Judgement Day," Grave" and "Bleed for Rock 'n' Roll." One called "Razer Blade," takes on borderline epic proportions, as it builds into a powerful rock and roll ballad. With "Her Cat," though, the group is a little more lighthearted - or so it appears. Anyhow, it features a French female spoken part and some wonderful electric slide guitar.

No, Scarred is not any concept album about cats. Instead, it's a lot of skillfully played rock and roll, and it will most certainly rock you.

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