Doctor Pheabes - Army of the Sun

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Well-established in their native Brazil, this melodic four-piece rock band have made no secret of the fact that they're seeking fans in other parts of the world and would especially like to break in the US. The album's title track rallies the troops for the effort as "Army of the Sun," an anthemic cut with a marching beat, soaring harmonies and positive lyrics like "We are the power/We walk on water/We stand together" is perfectly crafted for American rock radio. "Better off Alone" finds the good doctor prescribing something a little heavier but there's still a dose of memorable vocal hooks within the thrumming rhythm and slashing guitar, and "Your Love is Mine" is a speedy celebration of the enthusiasm of a particularly nimble lover. It's almost obligatory for rock bands to include a ballad in the album set list and here Doctor Pheabes show that they know their way around a slower groove with "Ask of You," a hopeful cut about the possibility of an enduring love. "Find a Way" is another hopeful cut, a rocker that's a good candidate for the mass radio airplay that the band craves. Eduardo Parillo is the group's singer and he sings everything in English rather than the Brazilian national language which is Portuguese. Parillo is backed by his brother Fernando on guitar and brothers Fabio and Paulo Ressio on bass and drums respectively; all have known each other since childhood and perhaps that's part of the reason why they are so tight here. Whether Army of the Sun is the band's big break stateside or not, it certainly will go a long way towards establishing an American fan base

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