Jackson Price - I Used To Have Fun

Jackson Price's recent life story is that he gave up on the acting life in Los Angeles, and moved to Taos, New Mexico to make blues music with his band the Blues Rockets.I Used to Have Fun is either an ironic title or a misnomer because Price sure sounds like he's having a really good time making this music.

The sparse jam on "Bones Get Old" presents a man fully enjoying what he's doing. Price has a strong, soulful singing voice, and the lyrics to his songs are smart and memorable. He's also a talented guitarist, with a drive to have, well, fun playing music. He also has a sense of humor, exemplified by "Bald, Fat, and 45," a song about accepting the craziness of life. No Hollywood actor could sing this song's lyrics with a straight face. However, Price is one who has seemingly come to a peace with his lot in life. He's enjoying his art as a bluesman, which is by no means a bad life at all.

Price's musical influences are of the modern amplified variety. These inspirations are made abundantly clear with "Thank You B.B.," Price's tribute to B.B. King. One called "Amerika" may appear - by its title - to be political. However, once Price starts singing about food, it's clear this song is something else altogether.

I Used to Have Fun is so good it evidences how Jackson Price's blues music is so much more than just another role.

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